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D’abord le soulagement : « Ouf ! » a titré laconiquement le journal allemand die Zeit. Puis le renouveau, et c’est ainsi que le New York Times a accueilli les résultats de l’élection présidentielle française concluant son article par un éclatant « Vive la France! Vive l’Europe ! ». Les élections françaises donnent incontestablement un coup d’arrêt… » read more

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Emmanuel Macron, a 39 years old former banker from Rothschild and France’s former Minister of the Economy, is likely to become the new President of the French Republic. His victory against the National Front and the French political establishment in the first round of the French Presidential election was largely anticipated by the latest polls,… » read more

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2017, année présidentielle. En France, la partie politique se joue à rythme soutenu et non sans rebondissements. Si, à maintenant deux mois du deuxième tour, les différents scénarios se précisent, il aurait été peu évident dès le départ de lancer le pari gagnant. Le pays souffre d’une grave crise de régime et d’identité. L’exaspération se… » read more

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Le projet d’EU-logos est de donner la Réplique aux populistes européens qui prétendent que seul le rejet de l’autre et le repli sur soi, au niveau national comme au niveau individuel, peuvent nous sortir de la situation délicate dans laquelle l’Europe se trouve. Pour ce faire, nous avons décidé de leur donner la Réplique par… » read more

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To those in the know, the Italian peninsula was not only the cradle of the Roman Empire or Rome the centre of the Catholic faithful, but also the birthplace of capitalism and of countless statecraft innovations and institutions still widely used around the world today. During the middle ages, the Italian city-states thus discovered and… » read more

Le 11, 12 et 13 mai 2014, François Hollande rendait visite au président azerbaïdjanais Ilham Aliyev. Ce fut l’occasion de faire le bilan de ce que pouvaient s’apporter mutuellement les deux pays. La France et l’Azerbaïdjan peuvent devenir de solides partenaires énergétiques. Certes, mais pas seulement. Dans sa volonté de diversifier l’économie, l’Azerbaïdjan peut aussi… » read more

Whose values? 2/2

Following ECFR European Foreign Policy Scorecard I find one important question for national policy makers: how relevant are global governance and EU foreign policy for different groups of states? We have witnessed the dominant behaviour of the biggest states (France, Germany, UK) and scorecard shows relative inaction of Greece, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Malta,… » read more

Elecciones nacionales y política europeaLa elección presidencial francesa demuestra, una vez más, hasta qué punto Europa es tributaria de los procesos electorales nacionales. Todo parece indicar que la elección de François Hollande puede llevar a una revisión del Pacto Fiscal impuesto por Alemania a través del añadido de un protocolo sobre crecimiento y empleo. Sería… » read more

There will always be anti-war protesters. Yet, as long as objectives are clear and backed by UN, masses will buy in. And that is precisely the issue with this new war. During weeks, the international community was slow to move on a common position. Suddenly, all wrapped up in hours, from resolution to first strikes.… » read more

In my previous post dedicated to the debate at the House of Commons I did not make mention of Dr Fox statement on French nuclear assets. Saying that “We must also remember that France itself co-operates very closely on nuclear issues with the United States. The United States, France and the United Kingdom form the… » read more

As usual the House of Commons offered on 2nd November a very rich and dense debate on the ins and outs of the treaties signed between France and the United Kingdom at the occasion of the summit. I warmly recommend you to pay a visit to the video of the debate, that you will reach… » read more

After a post on the point one of Sun Tzu’s quote your can read here below, I will try to analyze the idea of general’s ability. Sun Tzu said: Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise: 1. Which of… » read more

The Spanish digital review Atenea published on 3rd November an article written by Alfredo Crespo Alcázar and titled “La economía: factor determinante en la politica de defensa de David Cameron“. According to this website, Mr Crespo Alcázar’s book “David Cameron: tras la senda de Churchill y Thatcher” should be available from next December on (this… » read more

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