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The European Commission is currently undertaking a wide-ranging analysis of the nature of the pension challenges which face Europe through a public consultation entitled Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems. These challenges are inextricably linked to issues in the wider economy and wider society and should be tackled through a joined-up, strategic approach… » read more

The European Commission is currently analysing the impacts, costs and benefits stemming from the so called Transparency Directive. The EU executive is working towards its possible improvement, namely in the field of the attractiveness of regulated capital markets for smaller listed companies, holdings of voting rights and the inefficient implementation of the Directive due to diverging… » read more

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, young finance professionals of the 21st century – in the EU but also worldwide – are seeking increasingly aspirational and dynamic career paths, both inside and outside traditional mainstream finance careers. Modern graduates have a clear vision for their professional lives and are demanding more from employers –… » read more

Since the financial crisis, the banking sector has been affected by issues linked to accounting policies and standards. These include challenges associated with fair value accounting, pro-cyclicality and comparability of numbers, as well as performance in financial reports. It is reassuring that after the G20 request to international standard-setters in April  2009 to clarify accounting… » read more

October 2009, when Government was elected seems so far away; seven months lost is a very long time. And now years of hell ahead. There exist a number of distinguished individuals from various walks of life including the political establishment that have missed no opportunity to declare that our country is effectively in a state… » read more

El acuerdo alcanzado para que sea aprobada, posiblemente en una próxima reunión, una directiva sobre asistencia mutua en materia de recaudación fue calificada de “paso importante” por la vicepresidenta segunda del Gobierno español y ministra de Economía, Elena Salgado,  al término de la reunión en Bruselas del  Consejo de Economía y Finanzas de la UE… » read more

Is the tap opening?

Back in October 2008 in an article about the World economy I wondered “with all these gigantic losses to the taxpayer, investors, banks and other financial institutions employees, who are the ones that gain? We are talking about large amounts of wealth and their frightening negotiating power on future arrangements of the financial and perhaps… » read more

Keeping Society in Limbo

Keeping society in limbo K. P. Vlahodimos, 12 October 2008 Somebody has finally to explain the underlying issues of this financial crisis and ensuing clouds of severe recession for the benefit of non-economist specialists. People have had enough of jargon and cloudy lofty statements keeping society in limbo. I am writing this note as an… » read more

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