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On November, 17 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law “About Elections of Members of the Parliament”. Lawmakers didn’t include recommendations of the Venice Commission (VC) in this new law. And the Commission was mostly concerned by three key innovations: 1) introducing a mixed electoral system instead of the current proportional system; 2) lifting the […]

The history of financial relations between the EU and Ukraine is rather confusing. 2,5 billion euros were allocated to our state over the years of our independence. However, the efficiency of these allocations is noticeable by no means always. Although Ukraine remains to be a recognized leader of the “Eastern Partnership” program, which was offered […]

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Yesterday morning was marked by the votes on Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership. At this stage only the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs voted, but the wording adopted is close to what will go to the plenary session in December. The main battle concerned the European Parliament’s position towards the Association Agreement that is […]

Tension which we observe in the Ukraine-EU relations is caused by objective economic reasons. Besides, Ukrainian authorities consider that it is possible to cooperate with Europe without changing post-Soviet standards in the internal life of the country. The EU is persistently concentrated on solving its internal problems. A number of countries negatively treat plans of […]

The present depth of the EU and eurozone economic crisis gives an idea that afterwards the European Union will already be different. Rules of interactions between the states within the Union will change. This will touch upon both political, and especially, economic and currency-related relations. Europe passes the exam on the ability to come to […]

This year is passing under the sign of the European Neighbourhood Policy – the two reports, the summit in Warsaw, numerous seminars and conferences. One of the successes, not so easy to achieve, was the maintenance of the ENP consistency towards the East and the South. Today in Madrid one of such conferences is taking […]

On 18 October 2011 Verhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Ukrainian Parliament) adopted in the first hearing a law amending the “Law on the Protection of Public Morality” (project No. 7132). The goal of the amendments is the “protection of public morality and the regulation of the distribution, production of audiovisual materials which may have a […]

The negotiations concerning a special resolution on current developments in Ukraine – and, precisely speaking, on Yulia Tymoshenko’s case – will start in a while in Strasbourg. Assessment of Yulia Tymoshenko’s case itself is not properly the subject of dispute among political groups. She has been sentenced on the basis of a Stalinist law, charged […]

Ukraine: the Ark for Europe

Ukrainian people today are hostages to political battles between the previous and the present political regimes. We, Ukrainians, have been familiar with democracy for a long time. In 1710 the Ukrainian Cossacks created a Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk – the first democratic constitution on the European continent. Ukrainian people treat EU values as a guide […]

New social researches of the German company “GFK” branch ordered by the “People First” Foundation prove that family, health, children and work continue to remain chief goals for Ukrainians. Ukraine continues to remain the country which preserves traditional values, morals and culture. This is also Ukrainians’ achievement. We aspire to share this all with Europe.In […]

The condemnation of former Ukrainian prime minister Julia Timoschenko for having negotiated unfavourable terms in the 2008 gas agreement with Russia has raised a storm of outrage in EU quarters. However justified, passion should never be a guide to external relations which need to be rationally defined on the basis of long-term political and economic […]

The initiative voiced by the Russian leader primarily suggests that creativity among his team of advisors is running low. On the other hand it demonstrates that V.Putin is looking towards his legacy and is desperately hunting for projects that could create a place for him in the history books of Russia and Europe. Unfortunately, the […]

It seems the Polish Prime Minister has become big-headed. His proposition of a mechanical continuation of the government’s composition has nothing to do with the essence of elections – the changes. Besides, it does not comply with the Constitution. I suppose it will continue in this way for the rest of the parliamentary term – […]

Turkey – Iraq Turkey – Bulgaria Turkey – Greece Turkey – Ukraine These are not football matches. These are the next high level strategic meetings that Turkey and Ahmet Davutoğlu have organised. Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu was Mehmet Ali Birand’s guest at his weekly “32nd day” TV program. At the end of […]

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