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Newspaper headlines in the UK press over the past few days have lambasted the latest round of bank stress tests. Why? The general sentiment seemed – at least to me – to be that the last tests were not suitably tough enough, and these won’t be either. Is that really the point of them?

By Manana Kochladze, Regional Coordinator for the Caucasus at CEE Bankwatch Network. The functioning of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) vis-à-vis the Southern partners has received considerable international scrutiny over the past weeks, with revolutions in North Africa in the spotlight. Some of the criticism aimed at ENP effectiveness in the South seems to imply… » read more

Los jefes de Gobierno europeos disponen de menos de tres semanas para alcanzar un acuerdo global que estabilice la eurozona, ponga coto definitivo a los ataques que la deuda soberana de países miembros vienen sufriendo y, con ello, garanticen la supervivencia de nuestra moneda común, el euro. La cumbre primaveral europea de los próximos 24… » read more

For Greece, it all started in late 2009. One bright day around mid-November, the now ruling Socialist government of G. Papandreou decided to take Greece out of the closet and reveal the true size of Greece’s deficit to the world. The funny thing is, back then no one was really shocked. “Greek statistics”, the constant… » read more

A piece about the euro crisis published early in December in the New York Times pointed out that “Portugal shares the high wages and prices of richer northern European neighbors, but not their competitiveness”.

In a recent article in the New York Times, Nobel prizewinner Paul Krugman gave us a very exciting and comprehensive explanation of how to overcome the Euro Crisis. He explained why Nevada is different from Ireland in the context of economic and monetary crisis. Surprisingly, the answer is simple: Nevada is part of a solid […]

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