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Guest post by Luis Pablo, PhD student in Financial Economics. The European Commission remains committed to undertaking an ambitious economic and fiscal reform for the European Monetary Union. The Commission recently released a roadmap where it puts forward a set of guidelines aimed at strengthening “the unity, efficiency and democratic accountability of Europe’s Economic and… » read more

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On 20th of November, The European Council announced the new locations of the two European agencies that are going to be leaving London as a consequence of Brexit. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will head to Amsterdam while the European Bank Authority (EBA) will head to Paris. Several EU member states tried to become a… » read more

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On December 6, the European Commission presented the long-awaited package for the deepening of the European Economic and Monetary Union. In a debate we organised at FEPS to gather first reactions to the proposal, a member of the European Parliament put forward the right questions: how should it be explained to people in the different… » read more

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On 15 October 2017, early parliamentary elections took place in Austria. The total voters’ turnout reached 80 percent, which is a bit more than the average from last years. The reason for the high turnout can be attributed to the migration situation, increasing streams of Euroscepticism and general high public interest in politics. As expected,… » read more

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The Czechs have elected their new House of Deputies. One party arose from that election as the clear, undisputed victor: ANO, a self-declared pro-European party, member of ALDE—European Liberal Democrats led by the well-known federalist, Guy Verhofstadt. The self-declaration of being pro-European is crucial, since the movement, although a supporter of Czech Republic’s staying in… » read more

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Brussels, 27th September 2017. – The Future of EU Finances has been taking shape in front of our eyes. After carefully listening to what was officially presented on behalf of the Commission about the Future of EU Finances, I tried to identify 6 guiding principles which I think will shape and shake the post 2020… » read more

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By Sabrina Huck, Political Consultant The UK has the Queen’s speech – the European Union has the annual State of the Union address. Delivered by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker’s performance might be lacking pomp and circumstance in comparison to the State Opening of Parliament, but it serves a similar purpose in… » read more

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France: A new hope?

    Restoring French economic ‘joie de vivre’ was a cornerstone of Emmanuel Macron’s Presidential bid, but Macron’s recent appointment of Edouard Phillippe as France’s Prime Minister has left many questioning whether the new President is actually able to unite the country and forge a viable path forward. Macron was quick to take the initiative… » read more

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On April 16, the Turkish people voted in a constitutional referendum deciding whether to broaden the Presidential office’s influence at the expense of the parliament, further undermining the fragile Turkish parliamentary democracy and pushing it further towards authoritarianism. Erdogan’s razor-thin victory of (51,3%), allowed for the realization of his long-time effort to redefine his position… » read more

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  Questo mio articolo è stato pubblicato su Il Foglio Quotidiano il 16 febbraio 2017. L’economia italiana cresce dell’1,1 per cento ma il pil reale pro capite rimane sotto il livello del 1998. Non sorprende che la sofferenza sia così lunga, dato il surreale dibattito economico. Dall’Imu all’ossessione per il surplus commerciale della Germania, ora… » read more

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