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“We women have been trampled over in our territory and anywhere by the different groups, the legal and illegal armed groups, who kidnap us, kill, rape and humiliate us … leaving as a consequence of these actions the deterioration of the social fabric around us. Therefore, there is no doubt that the armed conflict has harmed black women’s feelings, their ancestral legitimacy, their creativity to form and generate life, their cultural identity and their love for their territory.”

“…Terre d’immigration, la France souffre d’une profonde crise identitaire, subissant plus qu’elle ne les assimile ses diversités ethniques, culturelles et religieuses. Les migrants originaires de ses ex-colonies, même quand ils sont français, sont victimes, de par leur couleur de peau non blanche, de discriminations dans l’attribution d’emploi et de logement, entraînant leur précarisation et leur exclusion…”

As European Parliament June elections approach, we welcome you to “Europe in the Americas”, a blog about Europe & her longstanding, enduring, yet little-known, scarcely acknowledged, & regularly denied ties with the people, history, structure and struggles of the Americas.”

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