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BY JONAS DRINGELIS The Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 launched an AMRAAM-type air-to-air missile over Estonian territory Tuesday afternoon. All the Estonians are very shocked. The incident occurred on Aug. 7, 2018 at around 3:44 PM local time in the Pangodi area of Estonia’s Tartu County, which is situated less than 50 miles west to the… » read more

  Posted by NATO and Baltic states today

Since the Brexit referendum, The EU has launched numerous new initiatives in order to regain momentum and show decisiveness. Amongst other moves, on February 2018, the Commission published the Western Balkans Enlargement Package, which tried to break the so-called ‘enlargement fatigue’. In order to reflect its commitment towards a ‘greater than 27’ EU, this document… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

In a groundbreaking bill approved by Irish parliament on Thursday 12th of July, the Irish government is set to completely divest its Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) from companies with shares in the fossil fuel industry. The move makes the Irish government the first government in the world to divest from fossil fuels. The Fossil… » read more

  Posted by Arthur Wyns - environmental journalist

Since his election, U.S. President Donald Trump, has drastically altered the basic fabric of international relations. Moving the country in a path of isolation, Trump has diluted European allies’ confidence that the United States is a reliable partner in upholding commitments and agreements. Trump’s “America First” approach has made it very difficult to maintain a… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Thanks to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, significant changes will be made to the national food legislation, including the regulation of providing information to consumers, in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. Adoption… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

US divorces Europe

Europe is in the anticipation of NATO summit which will take place on June, 11-12 in Brussels. Before this meeting the Pentagon thoroughly analyzed all allies’ expenses on collective defence. It turned out that NATO members’ defence budgets don’t reflect real needs of the Alliance. Among the twenty-nine members, only the United States is really… » read more

  Posted by News from the Baltic States

The European Union and Ukraine have a broad range of tools of integration covering different aspects of relations: Association Agreement, law enforcement and readmission cooperation, visa liberalization, Creative Europe etc. Both parties expressed intention to cooperate on joining Ukraine to Customs Union, Energy Union, and Single Digital Market. Launch of visa-free regime was the second… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

As stated by ALDE MEP Guy Verhofstadt, the migration crisis is not just a humanitarian emergency anymore but an ongoing “political crisis on the back of migrants”. The latest controversy involves Angela Merkel who “was given a fresh migration crisis headache” after Austria threatened to “take measures to protect its borders” if Germany imposed restrictions… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

On the 2nd May 2018, the European Commission introduced its first draft of the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework as well as a special provision[1] outside the MFF regulation. Its intention is to assure that beneficiary countries respect “a sound financial management and the Rule of Law” – if a member state breaches these principles, it… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU creates the necessary preconditions for implementing new approaches in regional policy. For Ukraine one of the most important areas concerning regional policy is the cooperation of territorial communities. The basic law of the decentralization reform that regulates this issue, similar to the EU-member countries, was adopted in… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

Since the advent of the financial crisis of 2008 and the migration crisis of 2015, populism and Euroscepticism has gained traction within the EU, particularly amongst the member states that joined the EU in its 2004 expansion. With this surge of populism, authoritarian state leaders have risen to challenge the foundations of the EU itself;… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Before Donald Trump’s ascension to power, Washington, Berlin, and Paris were essentially on the same policy page toward pacifying the conflict in Donbas. The broad aim was to contain the violence and facilitate direct talks between Moscow and Kyiv. The Trump administration’s track toward Russia and Donbas has been disjointed, but lately, it appears to… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

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