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Daily news reminds us of the terrible crisis in the Mediterranean, with people fleeing their countries in any way possible with the aim of landing somewhere safer than what used to be home. The EU reaction, rumor has it, has been slow and plain insufficient according to the majority. Somehow, we still need the picture… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

Oceana condemns the decision by the EU Fisheries Council on Baltic catch limits for 2016 Today, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of the EU reached an agreement on the 2016 total allowable catches (TAC) for the Baltic Sea fish stocks. Regretfully, just like the last year, European ministers have yet again decided to ignore scientific… » read more

  Posted by Oceana Europe

It is argued by some that mandatory CO2 targets or high prices for emissions credits may lead to greater industrial competitiveness. For the automotive industry – a business that produces vehicles worldwide and must compete globally – it is perhaps harder to see the direct link. At first sight it might appear that stricter emissions… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Opened back in 2009, the “Orphacol file” is still not closed, despite three actions at the Court of Justice. What is to blame: the complexity of EU procedures or the Commission’s reluctance to recognise its errors of judgment? Probably a little of both! It is extremely rare to go to the Court of Justice three… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

In our daily lives we all handle a flood of information from various sources (environment, work related, social interactions etc.). Our understanding and follow-up reaction to such information is based upon how we identify, process, and understand it – namely based on our perception of it.   While this perception appears to come very naturally… » read more

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It is my pleasure to publish on my blog this speech given by my associate Vicky Marissen (PACT European Affairs) at a recent Ombudsman event on the important issue of trilogues and transparency in EU law-making.   Background memo for the public hearing ‘Trilogues and transparent law-making’ on 28th September 2015 organised by the European… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Refugee Challenge for Europe

  Europe is facing an enormous refugees flow from Syria. According to Frontex more than 500,000 migrants were detected at EU external borders in the first eight months of this year after a fifth consecutive monthly record was registered in August when 156,000 crossed the EU borders. For the moment, European institutions are incapable to… » read more

  Posted by Taras Semenyuk

On September 9th 2015 the President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, addressed for the first time the European Parliament in his State of the Union. The message is one of consensus and unity and for trying to reach joint European solutions for the big problems of our time. But the focus should also be on… » read more

  Posted by CERiM

Ukraine could again be involved in a scandal. The investigation led by Ukraine’s authorities accused a former top manager of the UniCredit bank in Ukraine Borys Timonkin of the laundering money for Sergey Kurchenko, an oligarch from the circles of Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s runaway president. Borys Timonkin is one of the most well-known and smartest… » read more

  Posted by Taras Semenyuk

  – As Immanuel Kant in 1795 already stipulated, universal hospitality and Human Rights had to be at the centre of every evolving asylum and refugee policy. Upholding European values starts with the unambiguous acknowledgement for refugees and asylum seekers of legal obligations under international conventions ratified by the EU and its Member States. Beyond… » read more

  Posted by FEPS Fresh Thinking

1. Reconnaissance de la possibilité d’engager l’Etat pour violation de ses obligations internationales La responsabilité de l’Etat pour violation de ses obligations nationales, devant les tribunaux de cet Etat n’a émergé qu’à partir des XIXème et XXème siècle.   La situation est différente en droit international. En effet, la possibilité d’engager la responsabilité internationale de… » read more

  Posted by Carolina García Hervás

La période estivale a été riche en évènements qui ont mis en évidence l’intérêt et l’utilité de l’Union européenne. Grèce, producteurs de porcs ou de lait, migrants et réfugiés, terrorismes et sécurité des transports, libre circulation des Européens au sein de l’Union, protection des frontières et garde-côtes européenne voilà autant d’exemples qui, s’ils peuvent se… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

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