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As Europe heads into a tumultuous autumn, the 1989 Generation Initiative prepares for the coming year. But with the EU being caught up in innumerable fights, the necessity to focus our efforts has become readily apparent. That is why in August, the Initiative’s Content Team launched a survey to let young Europeans share their view… » read more

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Association to Horizon 2020 As of September 2016, there are 16 countries associated to Horizon 20201. Being associated to Horizon 2020 means that a third country can formally participate in the programme and is expected to provide a financial contribution on the basis of an International Agreement concluded between individual non-EU countries and the European… » read more

  Posted by Europa Media

Rather than acquiescing to the reckless impulses of populist politicians eager to capitalize upon the mess that is Brexit, Czech leaders should resort to common sense and urge patience and restraint. Contrary to what populists would like to purport, support for the EU is rising in several countries following Brexit, including Denmark who is traditionally… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Les milliers d’emplois perdus -ou plutôt sacrifiés- en à peine quelques jours en Belgique, ont plongé les politiques, les citoyens et les syndicats dans la colère et l’incompréhension. Caterpillar, AXA, IBM… Les annonces successives de restructuration massive ont évidemment été brutales pour les travailleurs, frappés malgré les nombreux efforts de qualification et de flexibilité qu’ils… » read more

  Posted by Marie Arena's blog

What is the Problem? The issue of false (also called bogus) self-employment has jumped in the forefront of debate among European policy makers, and is included as a priority of the new EU Platform to Tackle Undeclared Work. Concerns have emerged about the potential exploitation of low-paid, low-skilled vulnerable self-employed workers, mostly those operating in… » read more

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This is a guest post by a group of Science Po students cycling across Europe, aptly called Bicycl’est. You can follow their travels on Facebook and on WordPress. They are documenting their cycling journey across the continent, taking them from France to Poland. We are a group of seven first-year students from Sciences Po Paris,… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

My article ‘Barnier and Brexit: bad mood before the holidays’ provoked a lot of comment about the respective roles of the Commission and Council in the upcoming negotiations. Some people responded saying “the negotiations will be conducted by the Commission.” This is not accurate, but not necessarily inaccurate. Article 50 of the Treaty does not… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Freelancers’ Need for Training Unlike entrepreneurs who reply on a big idea, perhaps one that will change the world, freelancers’ primary value rests on their skills. Clients hire them for their skill-set, and it is their task to deliver an assignment based on their talent. Freelance professionals provide specialist expertise to fill widening skills gaps… » read more

  Posted by Solo-Entrepreneurship in Europe

  Yuriy Poyta, Dmitriy Zolotukhin French and German companies, which lobby the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the EU countries Despite the efforts of the powerful pro-Russian lobby in the political and business structures of Europe, on July 1, 2016, the EU extended the economic sanctions against Russia. Restrictive measures cover the financial, energy… » read more

  Posted by Institute for Postinformation Society

By Niall Lane Erdogan is no stranger to breaking new ground in Turkish politics; he has already succeeded in reshaping the presidential office from one of figurehead ceremony to all powerful executive, with direct control of the nation’s cabinet. Yet it now seems that he has overcome a national failsafe that had, until now, put… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

Décidément le Président de la Commission est embarrassant. Embarrassant quand il commente. Embarrassant quand il ne décide pas. Et même embarrassant quand il décide. La nomination de Michel Barnier comme négociateur en chef du Brexit pour le compte de la Commission entre précisément dans cette dernière catégorie et à plus d’un titre. D’abord sur le… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

AEGEE Election Observation trains and deploys young people on election observation missions in Europe. We do this to provide a youth perspective on electoral processes. But what exactly does it mean to be involved with an AEGEE Election Observation mission?   AEGEE Election Observation missions are unique in that they focus specifically on young people’s… » read more

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