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In the aftermath of the financial crisis, young finance professionals of the 21st century – in the EU but also worldwide – are seeking increasingly aspirational and dynamic career paths, both inside and outside traditional mainstream finance careers. Modern graduates have a clear vision for their professional lives and are demanding more from employers –… » read more

Since the financial crisis, the banking sector has been affected by issues linked to accounting policies and standards. These include challenges associated with fair value accounting, pro-cyclicality and comparability of numbers, as well as performance in financial reports. It is reassuring that after the G20 request to international standard-setters in April  2009 to clarify accounting… » read more

Turkmenistan has broken Russia’s stranglehold on its gas exports by opening a pipeline through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China. The country’s president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has just made his first trip to New Delhi where the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project was discussed. Earlier this year a short pipeline was opened in order to increase exports to Iran, and gas is in the process of being identified for eventual export to Europe via a Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline and the EU’s Southern Corridor. The era of Russian control over the country’s exports is over, and Ashgabat is taking care to make certain that it is not squeezed between Moscow and Beijing.

Robert M. Cutler amerikai politológus-tanácsadó szerint a közép-európai országoknak muszáj együttműködniük az orosz befolyás csökkentéséért. Az oroszok a gázt politikai fegyverként használják, és a nagy nemzetközi vezetékekért folyó küzdelem akár fegyveres konfliktusok kitörésében is szerepet játszik. Az azeri gázmezők válthatják meg térségünket a moszkvai nyomástól.

El acuerdo alcanzado para que sea aprobada, posiblemente en una próxima reunión, una directiva sobre asistencia mutua en materia de recaudación fue calificada de “paso importante” por la vicepresidenta segunda del Gobierno español y ministra de Economía, Elena Salgado,  al término de la reunión en Bruselas del  Consejo de Economía y Finanzas de la UE… » read more

To be a lobbyist – Etre un lobbyiste Looking carefully at the Spanish priorities, it is clear that the Presidency has set, like most every Presidency, very ambitious goals in too many areas. As a consequence, Spain seems very unfocused, and from the proposed priorities it is very difficult to draw a clear direction, a… » read more

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