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Die erste Lektion, die ein neuer EU-Kommissar zu lernen hat, ist deutlich: In Brüssel darf er nicht als Deutscher, Franzose, oder Italiener agieren, er hat Europäer zu sein. Wer dies nicht verinnerlicht hat, wird bei den Anhörungen vor den Volksvertretern aus den 28 Mitgliedstaaten keine gute Figur machen können. Denn die fragen nicht nach der […]

Was Jean-Claude Juncker elected president of the European Commission because he was the Spitzenkandidate for the winning party in the European elections? Or would be had been elected anyway? That question is difficult – if not impossible – to answer, but there are things that indicate that it was his position as the lead candidate […]

Phenomenon of Crimean election

Russian President has signed a federal law about election to the Crimean State Council and to Sevastopol Legislative Assembly, which would take place on September 14. Ukraine has already called these election as illegal and warned coordinatiors to be under criminal prosecution. Due to high represive activity of russian law enforcement agencies agains those who […]

The day after the official presentation of the new European commission by the President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker, the press remains ambiguous in its analyses. Some have praised the audacity to try a new structure with the designation of the 7 Vice-presidents, while the mergers and splits within some of the portfolios are still quite incomprehensible. Others […]

Jean-Claude GSOH*

One knew, of course, that Jean-Claude Juncker is well possessed with a dry sense of humour. How delightfully on display is his sharp wit in the disposition of portfolios to his new college of Commissioners. While claiming falsely, but as he must, that “I have given portfolios to people – not to countries”, Juncker has […]

Today the European Commission’s president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker announced his “winning team”, a commission in which portfolios are given “to people, not to countries”. AEGEE / European Students’ Forum sees some good developments in the attention given to Citizenship, Mobility and Employment, but has concerns about Education being overshadowed,the total absence of mentioning Non-Formal Education for […]

Con la rivelazione dei commissari candidati, in attesa dei voti nelle Commissioni parlamentari e nella plenaria nel Parlamento Europeo, trovo interessante ricordare che Jean-Claude Juncker è il primo presidente della Commissione Europea a essere stato eletto dai cittadini dell’Unione Europea. Nonostante, quando si è votato, quest’aspetto sia rimasto in secondo piano rispetto ad altri, tutto […]

Es gibt allen Grund, Donald Tusk zu seinem Posten zu gratulieren. Mitten in der Freude darüber gibt es aber doch Anlass zu der Frage, ob es das richtige Paar ist, das die EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs am Samstag ausgewählt haben, als sie nach monatelangen Verhandlungen Donald Tusk zum EU-Präsidenten und die italienische Außenministerin Federica Mogherini zur […]

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