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The Political Italian History of the past 20-plus years has shown that there is no more real demarcation between parties once “political”, between party ideologies, and especially among approaches to public management and / or national and international economic policy that still justify the presence of blocks of political power (the so-called parties) that had… » read more

finally somebody else realized that political parties and the vote system is more and more inefficient … please take a look a this new book … The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy

finalmente qualcun altro si è accorto che la selezione dei politici può prescindere dai voti … .leggete questo libro di Daniel Bell … The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy by Daniel A. Bell (贝淡宁) Westerners tend to divide the political world into “good” democracies and “bad” authoritarian regimes. But the… » read more

Die Bilanz der Griechenland-Hilfe seitens der Troika aus EU, IWF und EZB ist niederschmetternd: neben gestiegenen Steuern, gesenkten Sozialausgaben, Massenentlassungen und Lohnkürzungen stehen da ein Einbruch der Volkswirtschaft um 25 Prozent, eine auf 177 Prozent (des BIP) gestiegene und nie zurückzahlbare Staatsverschuldung, eine 26-prozentige Arbeitslosenrate, die unter den Jungen gar noch das Doppelte ausmacht, und […]

Launch of Next Europe

My new book Next Europe is now officially launched. Of course this comes with a modest campaign to create attention for the book. I published several opinion articles, on news sites as well as in the Dutch paper Het Parool. You can read the ‘launch article’ at EurActiv (English) and on (Dutch). The presentation took place on September […]

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