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On January 28 in Brussels the Russia-EU summit will take place and it looks like the so-called “Ukrainian question”, which became extremely topical after the failure of the Vilnius summit, will be the main subject of it. The fact that the subject of Ukraine will be actively discussed by European and Russian politicians is confirmed […]

Sir Winston Churchill once remarked that “the Balkans produce more history than they can consume”, not knowing of course what amount of devasting history they would produce at the end of the 20th century. Ever since the end of the shooting war, however, the former Yugoslavian countries saw an impressive peace process that is set […]

At the December 2013 European Council Meeting, EU heads of government pledged to pursue the enlargement of the EU and the eurozone. The list of candidates is quite long. The next challenge for the EU is the accession of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo – six small, mostly multinational countries of the Western […]

A legislative package adopted recently by the Verkhovna Rada furnishes Ukrainian authorities with the right to harass the opposition not “under the pretext” but “due to” their failure to obey the law. This is a more dangerous weapon when hidden in holsters than in direct use. Everyone knows that Maidan protesters breach the law. The […]

If you’re interested in news from Europe, your periodical menu should be full with Summits trying to solve the Eurozone crisis or with hot stuff happening at the EU borders, as is the case now with Ukraine and Turkey. Nonetheless, this article argues, 2014 might prove critical in terms of political developments, particularly in South […]

I was and remain an ardent supporter of the eurointegration course of Ukraine’s development. Therefore, the decision about postponing the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU aroused not my best feelings. Though, having calmed down a little, I realized that President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych couldn’t do anything else. Not because the Agreement […]

Tal vez el principal problema del que ha adolecido el proyecto de construcción europea no es otro que la distancia en expectativas, objetivos e incluso ilusiones que los europeos tenemos puestas en él. Por decirlo en clave mercadotécnica, la oferta no está ajustada a la demanda. Los políticos que han dirigido los destinos de la […]

Sotiris Roussos is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Political Science and IR of the University of Peloponnese and Head of the Centre for Middle East, Mediterranean and Islamic Studies (CEMMIS), We discussed about the ravaging civil war in Syria, the nuclear ordeal of Iran, the Kurdish issue, Cyrpus, and the stalling EU adhesion […]

On 1 January Bulgaria has marked its first seven years of EU membership. There is a saying in Bulgarian about the first seven years of a human being: “either you have them or you don’t”. Either during your first seven years you have learned something that will make a man out of you, or you […]

Ukrainian portal „Tyzhden” published an article in which it warns against Russian actions directed towards several Members to the European Parliament who are engaged in the process of association of Ukraine with the European Union. The list includes 13 names – 5 Polish, 3 German, 2 Estonian, Dutch, Romanian and British. Political circle is mixed. […]

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