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Long before the actual elections that lead to a new European Parliament, the leaders of the most powerful states had asserted that the European Union would stop its enlargement. This direct restriction is interesting given the fact that we have all presumed that enlargement is about standards and not necessarily about economic interests. Should we […]

With the Scottish vote for independence just a few short months away EU Perspectives examines the role-reversal effect this is having on some Conservative and UKIP politicians. A phenomena resembling a pantomime farce but which to all intents and purposes is masquerading as serious politics. Kathleen Garnett “I’m a Unionist head, heart and soul. I […]

After very long, extensive and complicated negotiations the EU has finally signed the association and free trade agreements with three countries south of Russia on June 27th 2014. All the three consider this signature only as a step toward their final goal of joining the European Union. This desire is perfectly logical. Experience tells them […]

Dans la matinée du vendredi 27 juin 2014, l’Union européenne a signé l’accord d’association avec l’Ukraine, la Géorgie et la Moldavie. C’est trois anciennes républiques soviétiques ont leur ticket pour se rapprocher de l’Europe occidentale, comme elles le souhaitaient et ce, malgré les pressions exercées par la Russie à ce sujet. M. Porochenko a signé […]

A recent interview in EurActive with Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle on the credibility of the enlargement process has caused a minor row with Bulgaria and Romania. The two countries were singled out because of the so-called cooperation and verification mechanism which was put into place when they became EU members in 2007. What about other […]

Moldova is signing the Free Trade Association agreement on June 27. While this is regarded by many as a definitive step towards the West and the European Union path, the signing of the agreement is mostly symbolic and doesn’t stop Moldovans from questioning their future, balancing the East and the West as equal options. Admitting […]

— This is the first of two parts of my exclusive interview with Greens/EFA Vice President and MEP Ulrike Lunacek. — This year’s European parliamentary election will commence in less than 24 hours with the Netherlands and the United Kingdom among the first nations out of 28 to vote first. Most of the member states […]

Germany’s President Gauck is visiting Turkey and criticizes its Government sharply. „This development scares me“, he said with focus on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his activities against Twitter and Youtube. Gauck is worried about Turkish democracy. But why is German President reacting so harsh? He gave the answer by himself: It’s his […]

The European Union has unified the continent like never before. It has been instrumental in shaping the progress of its countries and people by promoting fundamental freedoms. But given these upsides, why isn’t the Union more popular amongst its citizens? Numerous reasons exists in giving substance to the criticisms, but three points stand notoriously firm: […]

Ucrania se desangra ente divisiones políticas, enfrentamientos sociales y bancarrota económica. Rusia aprovecha la circunstancia tratando de recomponer sus fronteras sobre su sueño imperial zarista o de los soviets. Mientras EE.UU. ensimismado en su recuperación económica y la revolución interior de su sistema energético y productivo, recurre a la dialéctica a su VI Flota para […]

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