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On 6th October 2011 the European Commission adopted a draft legislative package for the Cohesion Policy for the funding period 2014 – 2020. According to the draft regulations, European Territorial Cooperation will be continued and even reinforced as separate cohesion goal. The existing strands of cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation will be maintained. The European Commission presented its […]

Die EU in der Türkei

50 Jahre lang, so wettert Erdoğan, habe die EU die Türkei vor der Tür stehen lassen. Aus Brüssel, so seine klare Aussage, lasse man sich jedenfalls nicht mehr belehren. Was Presse- und Meinungsfreiheit für die Türkei bedeuten, das wird in der Türkei definiert. Und der islamisch-konservative Präsident gibt dabei unmissverständlich den Ton an. Sein Vorgehen […]

Tuesday’s (16 December) meeting of the General Affairs Council is going to have to take a fresh look at the EU’s deteriorating relationship with Turkey. It is at any case this time of year that the Council re-assesses the enlargement policy of the Union. The Council’s deliberations bear upon what are dubbed, somewhat euphemistically, ‘Progress […]

It almost went unnoticed in today”s hearing of Johannes Hahn, Commissioner-designate for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, in front of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs commitee. But a little sentence will surely make for further discussion. In the fade out of one of his many statements on the challenges in Bosnia, Mr Hahn said, that the […]

The Islamic Caliphate (i.e. and not “State” as many refer to it, as it is neither sovereign nor recognized) has been regarded as one of the biggest threats for the Western world and for the always-fragile stability in Middle East. With incomparable organization, power, execution pace, and strong influence, and with funding from unknown sources, […]

Sweden’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Carl Bildt, as well as other diplomats, have expressed their concern over the decision of the new President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker to abolish the position of EU Commissioner for Enlargement. In this respect, what are the possible motives for Junker to take such a decision and what […]

Long before the actual elections that lead to a new European Parliament, the leaders of the most powerful states had asserted that the European Union would stop its enlargement. This direct restriction is interesting given the fact that we have all presumed that enlargement is about standards and not necessarily about economic interests. Should we […]

With the Scottish vote for independence just a few short months away EU Perspectives examines the role-reversal effect this is having on some Conservative and UKIP politicians. A phenomena resembling a pantomime farce but which to all intents and purposes is masquerading as serious politics. Kathleen Garnett “I’m a Unionist head, heart and soul. I […]

After very long, extensive and complicated negotiations the EU has finally signed the association and free trade agreements with three countries south of Russia on June 27th 2014. All the three consider this signature only as a step toward their final goal of joining the European Union. This desire is perfectly logical. Experience tells them […]

Dans la matinée du vendredi 27 juin 2014, l’Union européenne a signé l’accord d’association avec l’Ukraine, la Géorgie et la Moldavie. C’est trois anciennes républiques soviétiques ont leur ticket pour se rapprocher de l’Europe occidentale, comme elles le souhaitaient et ce, malgré les pressions exercées par la Russie à ce sujet. M. Porochenko a signé […]

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