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La publication des rapports intérimaires sur les progrès réalisés par la Bulgarie et la Roumanie au titre du mécanisme de coopération et de vérification comme aussi la résolution de la commission du Parlement européen sur les progrès réalisés par la Turquie (cf. autre information) nous apprennent l’une et l’autre qu’un manque de rigueur n’est pas… » read more

Hereunder Sarkozy and Merkel’s messages to Turkey as well as their hidden agenda: “Although you are an official candidate to the EU and that the EU-Turkey negotiations started, you can’t be an EU member because you are not European.”

     European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s):  Assistance to the Candidate countries to support their progressive compliance with EU rules and policies, including the acquis communautaire if necessary, in preparation for their accession The Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro, the Head of the… » read more

Turkey acquis short comments

The following table is drawn from Commission comments in the 2007 progress report on Turkey’s EU accession process which was released 6 Nov 2007. In addition the Commission submitted a revised Accession Partnership document to Council that revises Turkey’s short and medium term priorities. CHAPTER HEADING ALIGNMENT STATUS 1 Goods BLOCKED; Limited 2 Workers Early… » read more

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