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Bulgarian MEP Nikolay Barekov (ECR) has many assistants, but most of them would find it hard to justify what exactly they are doing in support of his very modest activities. Fake job contracts have been exposed recently involving French MEPs Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. But the practice in the European Parliament is possibly… » read more

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Hotel California

In the most famous song of The Eagles, “Hotel California”, Don Henley sings “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”. This is not a song about the EU, but it could be. I don’t believe the UK will leave the EU. With the Brexit referendum, they have just checked out… » read more

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Dark clouds over Euronews

Following a raid at the Vienna house of Ukrainian oligarch Dmitro Firtash yesterday, and s few other episodes, the future of the Ukrainian service appears uncertain. Firtash bought the Ukrainian service last year. Firtash was arrested in March 2014 in Austria under US charges, then was released after being ordered to pay the bail of… » read more

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Several expressions exist about the geometry of Europe. Variable-geometry Europe, Europe of concentric circles, multi-speed Europe, core Europe and periphery… I’ll add one more – Europe of many COWs. It looks like the new formats in the European Union will be inter-governmental, and not of community nature. Those are the “coalitions of the willing”, or… » read more

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Dropping the ballast

European Union is not sailing the waves of multiple crises particularly well. It is still floating, but just barely, patching things up and dropping the ballast. Last year, when the existence of Eurozone was (again) in question, Greece was ritually sacrificed. It´s new government had to swallow a bitter – and largely counter-productive – medicine,… » read more

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Guest blog post by Peter Van Elsuwege, Professor of European Union Law at Ghent University. When he started his term in office about a year ago, European Commission President Juncker expressed a general feeling of ‘enlargement fatigue’. The message was clear: no major progress was to be expected in the process of EU enlargement in… » read more

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Loudly nobody dares say that. A silent majority of countries are extremely unhappy about the way the Commission has spearheaded the EU Turkey rapprochement. The role of First Vice President Frans Timmermans and of Juncker’s chief of cabinet Martin Selmayr is seen as heavy-handed and creating dangerous precedents. The Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker took… » read more

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Let’s be realistic, politically incorrect and a bit cynical. As we speak, Schengen is already dead. Faced with a biblical exodus from other continents to Europe, EU countries have installed border controls. The controls will last well over the 2 months allowed by the Schengen agreements. So long for Schengen, one of the EU pillars.… » read more

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The third corridor

Imagine a border crossing. There are three corridors. The first one is for travellers from Schengen countries. They are checked speedily, but the border guards need to make sure that their travel documents (id or passport) are indeed from one of those countries, and that these are not forged documents. Even among those passengers the… » read more

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  – As Immanuel Kant in 1795 already stipulated, universal hospitality and Human Rights had to be at the centre of every evolving asylum and refugee policy. Upholding European values starts with the unambiguous acknowledgement for refugees and asylum seekers of legal obligations under international conventions ratified by the EU and its Member States. Beyond… » read more

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