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Compte rendu de la conférence « Disinformation and propaganda: Is Europe still losing the competition for hearts and minds? » Lieu : EGMONT – Institut Royal des Relations Internationales (EGMONT) Date : 25 Octobre 2018 Principaux participants : Jānis Sārts, Directeur au Centre d’excellence de l’OTAN pour les communications stratégiques Mark Laity, directeur, Division des communications, SHAPE… » read more

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Slovenia’s government is teetering and any candidate for an interim foreign minister should be given ECFR scorecard to propose how to improve country’s foreign policy profile within EU. Recently ECFR issued the European Foreign Policy Scorecard that provides a systematic annual assessment of Europe’s performance in dealing with the rest of the world. The scorecard assesses the… » read more

In 2004, a show-stopping performance of the award winning musical Les Misérables was hosted at Windsor Castle, attended by French President Jacques Chirac, to celebrate 100 years of Franco-British partnership (alternatively, not beating each other up every few years). It goes without saying that the French and the British have had a long, complex and… » read more

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