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After three years of inhaling the diesel fumes of Paris, I have had the chance to spend a few weeks in Metsovo, in northern Greece. Known to the Greeks and the Bulgarians as Vlachs and to the rest of the Europeans as Aromanians, the Latin dialect-speaking community of Metsovo are a warm and welcoming lot and… » read more

In Wolfgang Schaeuble’s Germano-centric EU, no institution is more important – apart from his Politburo-like Eurogroup and the Office of the Chancellor – than his Ministry’s Council of Economic Advisers. The most influential adviser among them is Professor Hans-Werner Sinn from Munich, a Christian missionary-manqué turned tele-economist. Like any good German, Professor Sinn has but a few… » read more

To those in the know, the Italian peninsula was not only the cradle of the Roman Empire or Rome the centre of the Catholic faithful, but also the birthplace of capitalism and of countless statecraft innovations and institutions still widely used around the world today. During the middle ages, the Italian city-states thus discovered and… » read more

Last week Romania was the scene of a bizarre and, luckily, aborted judicial coup d’état. This at least is what the efforts of the new Romanian president to depose the country’s premier have been labelled by veteran Bucharest journalists, such as Ion Cristoiu and Cornel Nistorescu. Truth be told, the anti-corruption drive initiated by former… » read more

Last week’s electoral win by the Conservative party has marked the Labour party’s fall from political grace in Britain. The victory was obtained through political manipulation (as opposed to political leadership) and electoral wizardry first tested in the land down under. Alas, Britain does not have Australia’s natural wealth, nor China as a huge, close-by… » read more

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