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“We are building society in a box simulations with art, music and other exciting but concrete ways of getting people active.” “I think entrepreneurs of today are challenged by bridging the evolution out of industrial thinking. No more copy and paste, assembly lines and repetitive tasks.” You can download the full pdf using this link… » read more

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This work is in the Public Domain.  This was the first document I wrote that people started to see what I was trying to do. It was finished in October 2002, before the ist2002 brainstorm document Social (Network, People, Community) Computing (System, Process, Result) The Social Computer is a potentially revolutionary thematic arts research project.… » read more

This work is in the Public Domain. I was trying to describe a science for the concept of Societal Computing. I realised that Social Computing didn’t really cover the high-level stuff like redesigning the processes that make a society function. Again, a lot of thought and a lot of talk, but not much action. My… » read more

This work is in the Public Domain. The Information Society Technologies conference of November 2002 was the annual research event of DGInfSo in Copenhagen. a 4000 attendance conference where EC-related research activities are brought together. The event was held in the Bella Centre in Copehagen, Denmark. I was lucky enough to be accepted for a… » read more

This work is in the Public Domain. I started in 2000 with a process of understanding, developing and discussing a complex conceptual framework I called “The Social Computer”. This could be seen as a thought experiment along the lines of – What can a society achieve if it was more “reprogrammable”, and what could a building achieve… » read more

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