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#ParisAttacks: The day after

Terrorist attacks in Paris late Saturday November 13 caused an unprecedented shock. Flowers, candles, profile photos, poems and kind words are nice and play a role in communicating the mobilization of the European and world communities and the determination to not be terrorized. But let’s be honest. This does not suffice. It takes coordinated action… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

EU lacks geopolitical strategy

The economic crisis remains a top priority for Eurozone with the current consolidation model generating much more problems than solutions. Greece has been forced to adopt a third bailout deal, but the ruling Syriza party resists towards protecting the most affected ones, while unfolding the deadlock that austerity politics have caused to an increasing number… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

(Last updated on 02.12.2009)   Is the “swine flu pandemic” just a huge corruption affair, the Russian newspaper Novye Izvestya is asking in its Nov 25th article referring to the outcomes of an investigation carried out by Danish reporters ( 2009). According to the publication, World Health Organisation (WHO) consultants who have given themselves out… » read more

Merchants of Death

Reading through the stastics for the last 7 years relating to the top arms dealers in the world, you can’t ignore the role of Europe in the dealing of weapons around the world.  True no country is a bigger merchant of arms than the US, followed by Russia.      Yet after Russia the next… » read more

Commitment to Peace

The United States is the country that is always assumed to be the gung-ho cowboy in the world; always ready to pick a fight.  It casts a shadow over the fact that every step of the way, European nations such as England, the Netherlands and various Eastern European nations… they too have joined the various… » read more

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