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In 1997, ETAG 001 “Metal anchors for use in concrete” has been issued by the European Commission as the first valid ETAG ever. Please read more on the importance of approved anchors for end users and installers in the “Guidance Note: European Technical Approvals for Anchors used in construction”. Since 1997, about 500 European Technical… » read more

The position adopted by the Council (document 10753/10 dated 06.07.2010) introduces remarkable improvements compared to the initial proposal of the Commission (KOM(2008) 311 final), not least by inclusion of a relevant number of amendments from the 1st Reading in the European Parliament of 23.04.2009. Relevant improvements have been made in the context of the suitability… » read more

Für die deutsche Wirtschaft ist es essentiell, dass sie auch in einigen Jahren noch sicher mit Rohstoffen versorgt wird. Was kann die Bundesregierung tun, um eine sichere Versorgung zu ermöglichen? Was tun andere Länder?   Deutschland hält sich meines Erachtens stark zurück im Rohstoff Monopoly. Während China und andere asiatische Länder die zukünftigen Engpässe des… » read more

Going-Electric and AVERE strongly believe that in the medium future, the car market will become fully electric. Preparing for this future requires heavy investments from car manufacturers and public authorities. Therefore, all available resources should be exclusively focussed on developing electric car technologies and markets in order to ensure the future competitiveness of the European… » read more

The Subsistence Expenses Deceit   In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell   Part 2: The EPSO’s Personal Data Protection Policy Deceit Part 1: The Treaty of Lisbon Deceit     Note to the reader: Some attachments have been omitted or replaced by blank forms in the… » read more

Keeping Society in Limbo

Keeping society in limbo K. P. Vlahodimos, 12 October 2008 Somebody has finally to explain the underlying issues of this financial crisis and ensuing clouds of severe recession for the benefit of non-economist specialists. People have had enough of jargon and cloudy lofty statements keeping society in limbo. I am writing this note as an… » read more

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