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Last week was an important week for us for two reasons: the first Horizon 2020 calls for proposals were finally launched on 11th December and we had our last training course of 2013, EU R&I Project Management and Financial Reporting, which took place in Vienna on 12-13 December. It was Europa Media’s first time in […]

12/11/2013 Gambling experts, sports commentators, athletes and EU decision-makers gathered in Brussels today for the first European Lotteries Sustainable Gambling Conference in the European Parliament. The event, hosted by MEPs Hannu Takkula and Santiago Fisas Ayxelà in the European Parliament, aims to address where things stand on match-fixing in Europe and discuss the solutions to […]

“The Obama phenomenon” allures Ukrainian politicians to embark on a slippery slope of direct replicating the western experience. The forecast of results – is pessimistic. In the countries of developed democracy voters have long been used to the fact that the candidates for elective public offices diligently win the electoral sympathies showing that nothing human […]

Goebbels – the Russian way

The Russian state-owned mass media carry out the systemic propaganda to discredit Ukraine. The indisputable headliner of the “hatred broadcasts” remains Dmitry Kiselev, the presenter on the leading state-owned channel in Russia – ORT. “New Yanukovych’s bosses in Europe”, “Yanukovych – in front of the rattrap which will break his spine” and other Kiselev’s passages […]

Be aware, stay secure

Sadly most of us only get serious about our security, cyber or otherwise, when we or someone close to us have a bad experience. And with cyber it’s worse. While the consequences of inadequate physical security have been clear from the time men lived in caves, cybersecurity has no such place in our collective psyche. […]

Its a sad reflection on the legitimacy of the European Union when the European Commission itself avoids the application of the TFEU and the rule of law in Europe in relation to the European Schools. The European Commission and European taxpayers provide 280m euro per year to the EURSC, in the full knowledge that the […]

The governing party of New Democracy -one of the two parties of the coalition government in Greece along with PASOK- has meticulously developed a communication strategy since mid-summer that was aiming to equalize the dangers of the extreme right party Golden Dawn with the front opposition leftist party SYRIZA in the quest of maximizing its […]

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