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Between 2009 and 2011, Greece went from being seen as a full member of the eurozone to “Ground Zero” in the Nation Brand Index, the concept of measuring global perceptions of countries across several dimensions like culture, governance, people, exports, tourism, investment and immigration. The impact of the global financial crisis, in combination with deplorable […]

Considerando quali pubblicazioni del Parlamento europeo possano essere interessanti, credo che avere un riferimento ai regolamenti interni sia sempre utile. L’altro giorno, sto camminando insieme al mio amico G al terzo piano dell’edificio Altiero Spinelli e passiamo di fronte alle buche delle lettere in legno chiaro dei 751 eurodeputati. Le buche sono senza serratura, disposte come […]

My book: Next Europe

Next Europe – How the EU can survive in a world of tectonic shifts E-book publication in September 2014 After many months of interviewing, research and writing, I am happy to announce the launch of my fourth book: Next Europe. Here is a summary of what you can expect. The EU is in deep trouble. As […]

eeb1.com_fichiers_news_fichiers1_1679_2014-06-LD-34 BACC 2014 CHEMISTRY VP Sefcovic made some commitments to the European Parliament. He said in 2013 ”Concerning European Baccalaureate 2012 exams, the Commission regrets the problems encountered at the mathematics and chemistry exams. The Commission requested a detailed report from the Office of the Secretary-General of the European Schools which was prepared by independent external […]

The European Schools (EURSC) administration appear to surpass themselves yet again. Having botched the Baccalaureate in 2012, and since then having seen all sorts of commitments to put things right one might expect that things can only get better. Rumour has it that the 2014 BAC has suffered a fate even worse than that in […]

Musica e Unione Europea

Sono in Place Luxembourg con il mio amico D. e siamo seduti al tavolo di uno dei bar. Non è giovedì, ma sono quasi le 19:00 e molta gente è seduta con noi a bersi una birra e ad approfittare del bel tempo. «Sai che nel 1970 è stata composta un’opera sinfonica sull’Europa e la […]

Zeigefinger nach Brüssel

Der Spitzenkandidat der Sozialdemokraten bei der Europawahl, Martin Schulz, brachte es am Politischen Aschermittwoch auf den Punkt: “Scheint die Sonne nicht – Brüssel. Schweißfüße – Brüssel.” Man muss Schulz nicht mögen und auch die EU nicht immer gut finden. Aber eines stimmt in jedem Fall: Brüssel muss oft als Watschenmann herhalten für alles, was irgendwo […]

These days all EU political ‘dignitaries’ queue up to be in the picture with him (there is maybe one exception: the Danish prime minster, who has already a selfie with him). Understandable, it is the first time Barack Obama has condescended to come to Europe, more than 5 years after his first inauguration as President […]

Sto uscendo dal Parlamento europeo e camminando su Agora Simone Veil, lo spiazzo in pietra rossa che si trova tra l’edificio Alfiero Spinelli e place Luxembourg; dopo pochi passi sotto un sole inusuale, mi sento chiamare. Così mi giro e vedo in lontananza la mia amica A. con il braccio alzato e la mano aperta. […]

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