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Les médias sont soumis à un « cadre juridique inadapté et à des pressions politiques » en Hongrie qui connait également une poussée préoccupante du racisme et de l’intolérance, critique le rapport du Conseil de l’Europe rendu public le 16 décembre dernier. La Hongrie devrait mieux garantir la liberté des média et la discrimination endémique , et améliorer […]

Mi capita per caso di passare a lavorare nella biblioteca del Parlamento europeo: un grande ambiente dal soffitto alto dove regna un perfetto silenzio, interrotto soltanto dai passi della gente, dal rumore meccanico delle stampanti e dai bibliotecari che sistemano i libri. Guardandomi intorno in cerca di un computer libero, mi cade lo sguardo su […]

Wow. Has it come to this?

Is primetime TV advertising the right way to connect citizens to the EU? Last week I saw and commented on an interesting blog post by Iveta Kazoka exploring one of the ‘broken channels’ which are supposed to link interested citizens to EU …

True? False? Who cares? It’s a great headline. With many shops, particularly in the UK, already displaying Christmas baubles in their windows it’s a timely news item certain to grab reader’s attention – especially that broad demographic “parents” who are already fretting over how to fill their children’s stockings in time for Christmas. The answer […]

Whitehouse Consultancy Associate Director and author of The PR Masterclass Alex Singleton discusses the beginnings of modern public relations.
To read Alex’s’ article, please click here.
The Whitehouse Consultancy is one of Europe’s leading…

Launch of Next Europe

My new book Next Europe is now officially launched. Of course this comes with a modest campaign to create attention for the book. I published several opinion articles, on news sites as well as in the Dutch paper Het Parool. You can read the ‘launch article’ at EurActiv (English) and on (Dutch). The presentation took place on September […]

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