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    Una nueva investigación halló que durante los cinco meses posteriores a que el comediante Robin Williams se suicidara, hubo un aumento de casi el 10% en la tasa de suicidio en los EE. UU., y esto tuvo mucho que ver en cómo los medios transmitieron el suicidio al público.   Durante varios meses,… » read more

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    EurActiv, the principal portal for information on EU policies, is one of the partners contributing to the success of the SSIX Project.   As this week guest blogger, we provide a collection of our most recent editorial coverage of financial markets and social media from across Europe. Now you only need to sit,… » read more

Any decent Communication Strategy will integrate offline, online, internal and external communications. But what about your organisation’s Innovation Strategy? I’ve been developing integrated offline and online communications strategies since my first database-driven website in 1995 opened my eyes to the possibilities content databases – which, in essence, help you keep track of your stories – offered… » read more

Is it really eleven years ago that Cyprus became a member of the EU, during the largest-ever round of enlargement? I have a fairly vivid recollection of 2004, a turning point in Cyprus political history. The referendum rejection of the UN reunification (Annan) plan by the Greek Cypriots had as result the complete isolation of… » read more

You’ve got to admire the Americans and their can-do attitude. Europeans simply pale in comparison. For years national media conglomerates from across Europe have been trying to establish a viable market for EU news. The greatest challenge to any media seeking to cover EU affairs and break even? Bursting out of the “Brussels Bubble” and… » read more

PR challenges in a changing EU

“Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” was the slogan of Ivy Lee, one of the founding fathers of public relations, creator of the press release and pioneer in the field of crisis communications. Almost 100 years later, this slogan remains at the core of sustainable public relations. Though it takes long years to be built, an organizations’ […]

De Roemeense dictator Nicolae Ceausescu verplichte zijn burgers om de winters in de vrieskou door te brengen. Hij sloot de fabrieken door de werking van de elektriciteitscentrales te onderbreken om zo de nationale schuld van 9 miljard dollar terug te kunnen betalen aan buitenlandse banken. Deze maatregelen bleken niet te werken en na de volksopstand […]

EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time. FAQ1 – What is EurActory for? In an earlier post, I discussed EU Community’s first application in development: EurActory. EurActory is tailored to […]

When I decided to write this blog post, I was fully aware that this topic could seem rather trivial as after the holidays people are full of immediate desire to shed those extra kilos they put on during the weeks of celebrations; they also share same demotivators about joining the gym, getting a promotion/job, spending […]

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