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Fondation EURACTIV and its media partner have trained around 1000 people over the years, mostly young media professionals. The foundation’s former Secretary General tries to draw some lessons from this experience, before the think-do tank embarks on new programmes. Training for life / Life long learning / Training by doing / Train the trainers These… » read more

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. This blog post belongs to the #Media4EU Tour d’Europe series. Read the project outline, timetable and deliverables here, and the list of its steering committee here. Fondation EurActiv and the Institut d’Études Européennes (ULB) are initiating the ‘Media4EU Tour d’Europe’ project. This will gather perspectives from top quality media in Europe and propose initiatives… » read more

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Here are some comments and strong opinions, on what speakers said at a study launch by consultancy Waagener Edstrom, well summarized here . And what it means for opinion leaders: Mr Buzek, please read on… Now, why would a Frenchman bother to blog on ’14 juillet’ day, on a very specialised, English and Brussels-centric topic?… » read more

What the Turkish President and a French Minister told me encourages posting some ideas I had discussed with friends. I describe briefly the context, some practical steps, a daring vision, and next steps. Last week, I spoke at a major French Turkish conference in Istanbul, summmarised in this article: “Turkey, France test the water before… » read more

(includes links to video summary with Barroso & Buzek statements, programme, introduction speech) EurActiv’s anniversary was about 10 years of, 5 years of the 10 country EurActiv network, and 5 years of Fondation EurActiv. It was celebrated in three different ways: 1) publication of the Policy Guide to the new European Parliament – a… » read more

(Edito newsletter ‘EurActiv et Vous’, novembre 2008) (You have a view on how the EU reacted (or not) to the economic crisis at the time? On how it shaped today’s positions? Please react, by simply clicking below) Chers partenaires et ‘acteurs européens’ Toutes les capitales s’interrogent sur l’impact de la crise financière: comment adapter les… » read more

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