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After hydro power wind energy presently constitutes the biggest source of renewable energy on earth, ahead of PV electricity. The EU is the biggest producer of wind energy, China coming second. Both register extraordinary growth rates. Installed wind capacity accounts for 4 per cent of total power capacity in China and 5 per cent in the EU. […]

Guest post by CAN-Europe, EEB, FoE Europe, Greenpeace, WWF Dear Minister, The forthcoming Energy Council will consider the recently presented Energy Efficiency Plan2011. As the Plan itself makes clear, we are currently set to miss the EU’s 20% energysavings target by half – thereby missing out on substantial gains in terms of ‘enhancedcompetitiveness’, ‘security of […]

Die Idee, Benzinpreise 24 Stunden lang konstant halten und Erhöhungen ankündigen zu müssen, klingt zunächst verlockend. So wüsste man dann doch als Autofahrer wenigstens, dass der Liter Sprit auch abends auf dem Heimweg für zum Beispiel 1,50 Euro in den Tank fließt. Der Vorschlag von Bundesverkehrsminister Peter Ramsauer wird jedoch zu Recht nicht von Erfolg […]

In a declaration published May 20th , the Governing Board of the “International Energy Agency”, which represents the 28 major energy consuming countries, has expressed serious concerns about rising oil prices affecting global recovery by reducing household incomes and putting pressure on inflation and interest rates. This declaration, which represents a call upon OPEC […]

The third biggest European oil and gas company, TOTAL, has decided to buy a majority stake in Sun Power, the second US manufacturer of solar panels. This follows earlier engagements in solar ventures, including research, but it is the biggest investment so far ($ 1.4 billion). The acquisition reflects rising tensions in the energy markets […]

E3G’s Jesse Scott finds the Energy Efficiency Action Plan a relatively weak document. The reason, she says, is that we still do not know how to ‘do’ energy efficiency: lots of work is still needed to define the policy detail and build the political consensus needed to support the policies. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” […]

Der sogenannte Energie-Gipfel im Kanzleramt war der Startschuss für einen einmaligen Feldversuch im Industrieland Nummer 1 in Europa. Das Experiment darf schon deshalb nicht daneben gehen, weil sonst der in Deutschland erreichte Massenwohlstand und unsere ausdifferenzierten, teuren Sozialsysteme existentiell gefährdet wären. Man hat aber nicht den Eindruck, dass dies allen Wettläufern aus der Kernenergie wirklich… » read more

Floods, drought, torrential rains, climate change, hunger, poverty, prosperity, health, security are all phenomenon’s intimately linked with water. Welcome to our new blog on We are excited about engaging in debate about substantial issues that we feel requires a deeper understanding than is present at the EU level:

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