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On June 20-21st the international community will remember the 20th anniversary of the last UN Conference on Development and Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro. There is little reason to celebrate this anniversary. Though we have witnessed stunning economic progress in East Asia, the Gulf and several Latin American countries, the inequalities of living conditions on […]

On 23-25 April 2012 Sweden’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens an international conference, Stockholm+40 – Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development. The discussions, which will attract a number of the world’s leading political figures, mark the 30th anniversary of the first UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972. But […]

The 100-year old internal combustion engine will be phased out in the coming six decades or so. This is bound to happen for two concurring reasons: Oil will become so scarce and expensive that driving vehicles on gasoline or diesel will no longer be affordable. In order to successfully combat climate change, for which mobility […]

Waste, waste, waste…..

It is always pleasing when you look below the surface and see real change in a market, city or organization. No more so than with the low-carbon economy, a market that is growing rapidly and creating a more sustainable model of development. Although the low-carbon economy is not completely synonymous with the term sustainable development, […]

For the last three months the Iberian Peninsula and South-Eastern Britain have suffered from the worst droughts for several decades, with hardly any rainfall, less than 20 mm in Spain and Portugal. This dramatic situation has hardly been noticed outside the countries directly affected: city dwellers are less and less sensitive to natural catastrophes that […]

As expected after the demonstration of power by major airline countries in Moscow February 28-29th China has not waited long before taking retaliatory action against the EU imposition of emission caps on Chinese carriers` flights to EU airports. Two multi-billion Chinese orders for Airbus planes are at stake. The Chinese government has blocked the authorisation […]

The European winter 2011-12 will go down in history as divided into two unequal parts: very mild until mid-January and in the first half of February. It is therefore appropriate to draw a few lessons. The 2011-12 winter offers no evidence that climate change is a chimera. It is there more than ever, marked by […]

EU + Kohlendioxidemissionen:

Kohlendioxidemissionen sind ein globales Problem, das in unmittelbarer Beziehung zum Zustand der Erde steht. Um unsere gemeinsame Umwelt vor potentiellem Unheil zu schützen, das durch den Klimawandel verursacht wird, ist ein Verhaltenscodex für jedermann von essentieller Bedeutung. Eine internationale Norm für Kohlendioxidemissionen ist unabdingbar. Aber es wird ein harter Kampf (nötig) sein, um diese Ziele […]

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