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I’ve spent the last three days in Barcelona, observing the 1st October independence referendum, not in any sort of official capacity, but as an interested politics nerd. Political tourism if you like. After my fascinating trip to Scotland prior to the independence referendum there in 2014, it was obvious that seeing Catalonia’s referendum first hand… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

INTERVIEW TO RUT CARANDELL, VICEPRESIDENT OF REAGRUPAMENT (27.06.2011) El Singular Digital, Maria COLL   Reagrupament has celebrated this weekend, two years after its creation, the 4th Assembly of the formation. A good moment to value the work made until now and the electoral results, which left them out of the Parliament of Catalonia and of the… » read more

Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT), is an association fully committed to Catalonia‘sIndependence and Political Regeneration. Though we are not properly a political party, our project is to promote electoral options (local or national lists, coalitions, platforms, etc) to contest elections in order to form a majority at the Parliament of Catalonia willing to pass aUnilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). RCAT… » read more

Since the crisis this week-end, the split of Belgium received further credits and some in Wallonia are effectively elaborating on their future without Flanders. The wheel of fortune turns. Now, Flanders appears to be afraid… Read background on Belgian politics for dummies… and EU-afficionados According to a recent survey by Dedicated Research, Flanders is afraid… » read more

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