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  After almost two years of relentless works, yesterday in Strasbourg, the European Parliament gave its approval to the transatlantic Agreement binding Canada to the European Union. It is without taking into account the support of the ecologists and much of the socialists that a majority of the liberal members (ALDE), the conservatives (PPE and… » read more

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  The great thing about innovation is that it is a two way street. Ideas do not replace other idea, instead they collect to form an increasingly cluttered toolbox for solving problems. While I, understandably, focus on issues I think Europe, I realise that my homeland could benefit from ideas and methods applied in Europe… » read more

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by Nusa Urbancic, energy programme manager at Transport & Environment The Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) was first proposed in early 2007 as part of the so-called “integrated approach”, to ensure that the oil industry would also contribute to the fight against climate change. Its implementation has been frequently and quietly delayed until the end of 2014… » read more

“Countries don´t go Bust”   (Walter Wriston, Citibank chairman 1970s) Vancouver, 25. Februar 2010   Das Bild geht mir seit Tagen nicht aus dem Kopf: Der australische Magier und Illusionskünstler Cosentino ließ sich in der vergangenen Woche mit 60 Kilo Zement an den Füßen – sowie in Fußeisen und Handschellen verpackt – in das Haifischbecken des Aquariums von Melbourne versenken.  … » read more

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