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I was invited to speak at DG Cambridge on 14th October about UK – German relations in the context of David Cameron’s EU referendum. Antony Carpen was kind enough to film the speech, and put it up on Youtube: There are three parts to the speech: – How did UK-EU relations get to where they… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

A tweet by Sony Kapoor: Any economically sensible relation with the #EU post #Brexit will be at the cost of a much greater loss of the sovereignty sceptics cherish — Sony Kapoor (@SonyKapoor) October 16, 2015 This is absolutely right, and let me give a little more context. If Britain were to be like Norway… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

It is tempting to hope that the general election on 7 May will sort out Europe’s British problem for good. Tempting but wrong. There may well be clarification, and even some terrible over-simplification, but not a resolution. Search the electoral campaign for a high-level debate on the UK’s European future in vain: to date, the… » read more

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