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The Christian Democrat  EPP, Socialists and Liberals think they have the eternal right to select old and pensioned-off politicians to be their Commissioners. The European Commission, was once a politician-free zone. It was then much more effective politically. One Commission president was a law professor, another was an engineer, a third was formerly a trades… » read more

Almost three years ago, on 25 July 2008, the European Court of Justice ruling on the Metock case engendered reverse discrimination in those Member States where national legislation on family reunification is stricter than what provided by European law, namely by directive 2004/38. Therefore, in such Member States, EU nationals exercising their right to free… » read more

Since the crisis this week-end, the split of Belgium received further credits and some in Wallonia are effectively elaborating on their future without Flanders. The wheel of fortune turns. Now, Flanders appears to be afraid… Read background on Belgian politics for dummies… and EU-afficionados According to a recent survey by Dedicated Research, Flanders is afraid… » read more

Belgium Upside Down

In surrealist-minded Belgium, a stupid error may easily turn into a wise comment. French TF1 Television channel was going to inform their public, yesterday night, about the actual political turmoil in the neighbouring country. A map was needed, to indicate where Belgium is, and how it is divided in three regions. Here is the map.… » read more

A recent OECD report compares mobile phone charges in OECD countries. Many readers will not be surprised to hear that – for high-usage customers – Belgium is one of the more expensive countries. To put this more into an EU context: I have taken the data available via the OECD press release, added percentages for… » read more

Hungary sold the right to emit 2 million tons of CO2 to Belgium. The contract is not available to the public. After a parliamentary questioning and media inquiries, the Hungarian ministry responsible for environment started to publish some details of the deal, claiming, that it would harm Hungary’s negotiation position in other deals under way… » read more

No, I don’t think so. But to put it crudely, I don’t believe forced “social mixity” alone will lead to “better schools for all”. I rather believe that “better schools for all” will facilitate more “social mixity”. In this entry, a sequel to “Is “magical thinking” only striking Belgian politicians?”, I briefly discuss the title question:… » read more

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