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EU crisis

  Authority and values to restore Europeans’ desire to live together The reaction of Jean-Claude Juncker to the Nice attacks was interesting. In Le Soir, he stated: “We have to ask ourselves when this is going to stop?” For months, I have been saying over and over again that the President of the Commission is… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

While EU media and EU actors are still congratulating Belgium for a successful presidency, Brussels reminds everybody EU president does not presides anything; it is just an honorific title. Indeed, with no government since half a year, Belgium took no initiatives, hence a smooth and model presidency… We know how it works. Brussels represents citizens… » read more

Die deutsche Bankenaufsicht (Bafin) hat letzte Woche für einen vermeintlichen Paukenschlag gesorgt und die ungedeckten Leerverkäufe in Deutschland verboten. Die Euro-Finanzminister haben sich auf strengere Regeln für Hedgefonds geeinigt. Europa hat damit der neuen konservativ-liberalen Regierung in Großbritannien gleich ihre Grenzen aufgezeigt. Das Großbritannien nur sehr wenig Lust daran hat, Hedgefonds zu regulieren, schein angesichts… » read more

Like many people in Brussels I was following yesterday the election of Jose Manuel Barroso as Commission President in the European Parliament. Specifically I was asking myself what role the Socialist Group in the EP played. The official line of the Socialist & Democrats Group was to abstain in the vote on the Commission President.… » read more

Sir,   Regarding ‘Barroso warns opponents not to weaken Europe’:   I would like to share with you my personal view on why José Manuel Barroso should not be re-elected as president of the Commission of the European Communities (alias the European Commission).   I would not support Mr. Barroso for a second term because:… » read more

Barroso démissionne !

L’inconcevable est arrivé en ce tout début d’avril. José Manuel Barroso, le Président de la Commission européenne, a remis sa démission hier soir. La raison apparente serait son désaccord avec le futur « pacte européen » de Nicolas Sarkozy concernant l’immigration. Dans son communiqué de presse, il s’en prend au chefs d’Etats sur la question… » read more

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