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A Bankwatch competition for ideas for EU funds investments that benefit the sustainable development of European communities could offer inspiration for EU and national decision makers. At the final award ceremony in Brussels, the winners told us about their ideas and how EU funding could benefit their countries. Posted on the Bankwatch blog by Patrycja […]

A potential cooperation between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the agro-corporation Monsanto has thankfully not come to fruition. The case highlights the difficulties for a large development bank to reach farmers on the ground. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Pippa Gallop, Bankwatch’s research coordinator You may remember that in November 2012 […]

The Battle over Gruyere Cheese

Gruyère cheese made in France is to now be different from the trademark Swiss Gruyère. A three year long battle had ensued about who owned the rights to produce the cheese. The makers of both the French Gruyère and the Swiss Gruyère claimed the mark of quality, the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, an official mark presented to regional produce which possessed their own uniqueness […]

The current wrangle among EU agriculture ministers over the post 2014 agricultural budget is merely the latest act of the endless CAP fantasy which has been running since the early 1960s. It reflects the continual patching up of a policy which was fatally flawed from its very beginning. The CAP began as an attempt to keep […]

It was entirely predictable that EU farm ministers would respond to the European Commission’s post 2013 CAP reform proposals by agreeing on a policy direction which would ensure that there can be no radical change in the Union’s €50+ billion a year common agricultural policy.

After the Forum for the Future of Agriculture which took place in Brussels on March 16 went ahead with great success, it is now taken abroad – again – as sub-events are being organised in Budapest, Moscow, and with an outlook to Marrakesh. The events, held under the auspices of the FFA2010, have a strong… » read more

Within the different panel sessions of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2010, the audience was involved in the ongoing debate on the politics and economics of food vs. climate change. Live voting devices provided the possibility for the audience’s views to be integrated into the discussions. We voted on the following questions with… » read more

MEP Mairead McGuinness on the Provision of Environmental Public Goods by Farmers Farm produced commodities fuel the food industry; provide jobs and feed EU consumers, in addition to providing unpaid for public goods in terms of the environment and animal welfare. ” Farming in Europe is about more than just growing and selling. Here, farmers… » read more

The UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agriculture and Food for Development has recently published a report “Why No Thought for Food?” criticising the Department for International Development for its underinvestment in agriculture. The report addresses the link between food security and peace and prosperity, particularly with reference to the economically underdeveloped sub-Saharan Africa,… » read more

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