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Auteur: Daniel PEYRAUBE (Président CEPM)   S’il est un milieu qui doit être convaincu de l’importance du projet européen, c’est bien l’agriculture qui constitue via la PAC la seule politique intégrée de l’Union. Le contexte particulièrement incertain (Brexit, montée des questions identitaires, budget, …) et les peurs multiples (terrorisme, immigration, changement climatique, …) n’y changent… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Author: Daniel Peyraube (CEPM President)   If there is one sector that should be convinced of the importance of the European project, it is agriculture. Thanks to the CAP, agriculture is the only ‘integrated’ policy of the Union. The current context of great uncertainty (Brexit, questions of identity, budget) and multiple fears (terrorism, immigration, climate… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

In this article I want to take a really broad look at how continuous innovation in the starch industry is contributing significantly to tackling some of the biggest challenges in sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy in Europe. Guest blog post by Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director at Starch Europe. The planet faces more and more environmental pressure.… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Author: Vicky Marissen A task force of ‘common sense’ On 10 July, the report of the Task Force on Subsidiarity, Proportionality and ‘Doing Less More Efficiently’ was published. Set up at the end of 2017, the taskforce’s objective was to make recommendations on how better to apply the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, identify policy… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Thanks to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, significant changes will be made to the national food legislation, including the regulation of providing information to consumers, in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. Adoption… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

New report shows why the planned EU ban on unfair trading practices is urgently needed Millions of women and men who produce our food are trapped in poverty and face brutal working conditions, despite billion-dollar profits in the food industry, reveals a new report published by Oxfam today. The report, ‘Ripe for Change’, also assesses… » read more

  Posted by Oxfam's EU Advocacy office in Brussels

Guest blog post by Garlich von Essen, Secretary General, European Seed Association (ESA) and Petra Jorasch, Manager Plant Breeding & Innovation Advocacy, European Seed Association (ESA) The Advocate General takes a differentiated view when assessing the regulatory status of plants resulting from new breeding methods. The latest plant breeding methods like genome editing can help… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

The report on the Drinking Water Directive is being debated in the European Parliament. The proposal must focus on consumer health protection. Dr Claudia Castell-Exner is the vice-president of EurEau, the association of Europe’s drinking water and waste water service operators. Today, the ENVI committee of the European Parliament is discussing the report on the… » read more

  Posted by EurEau

All economic activities related to research, development, production, trade and consumption of plants, animals and all other living things are defined as “bioeconomy”. Scientifically bioeconomy aims at producing economical gains by generating surplus values using new methods such as biotechnology with the targeted profits of improved health, increased productivity and higher quality in agricultural and… » read more

  Posted by Nacikgoz

There is a kind of inevitability when the Commission uses its right of legislative and regulatory initiative. The more the process is framed by impact assessments, consultations and scientific opinions, the more the EU moves towards a subjective approach to law and regulation. Today, it is clichés, conventional wisdom and public opinion that rules in… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

Guest post by Helen Parker, Business analyst and legal advisor. After milk quotas, market fluctuations, EU-induced overproduction, free trade deals facing more competitive United States producers, and impossible red tape, EU farmers may be in for yet another challenge, with the possible introduction of very restrictive limits on the cadmium in their phosphate fertilizers, which… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

The EU’s budget line for EU health action (‘the Health programme’) will be either dismantled and mashed into the ‘soup’ of the Single Market with other ingredients such as food safety, animal, and plant health or will remain a stand-alone programme which would be actually better for citizens. Here is why. Cooking a healthy EU… » read more

  Posted by Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

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