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The grandstanding of EU leaders on the adoption of the climate and energy package cannot hide that Europe’s and the world’s political elites have succumbed to short-term economic fears and have postponed the necessary start of the transition to a new energy regime. Let’s hope and pray the climate/energy leadership role will now be taken… » read more

Climate negotiators in Poznan are starting to question whether the 2009 deadline for Copenhagen is realistic. Maybe there are good reasons to take a step back and reconsider the global climate diplomacy process. This week, a few non-suspect climate experts have uttered doubts about the end-2009 deadline for a new global warming agreement. As reported… » read more

In the US, twenty-nine of the biggest NGOs published a 391-pages policy document with recommendations for the new Obama administration on how to start the transition to a green and clean economy. The impressive report includes detailed proposals on how to endorse legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35% before 2020 and and 80%… » read more

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger become the future energy and climate czar for the new Obama administration? If that were to be the case, the European Commission would have no other choice than to nominate Al Gore as our European “climate emperor” after 2009 . The “energy and climate czar” would be heading the Energy Security Council […]

EU climate lead in peril

For how long will the EU’s self-acclaimed “climate leadership” survive the Obama revolution? Could a “green” Obama administration pose a bigger challenge to the EU’s climate credentials than the temporary backlash of the financial crisis? Who will win the race for the new “eco-competitiveness”? These questions are hard to answer for the moment but there… » read more

Whoever wins the US Presidency today will be facing the ultimate challenge: steering a self-destructing Western-based economic growth model through a painful transition towards a new global sustainability. This is a task far beyond any past Apollo project. These are indeed historical elections and it is appropriate that the whole world is watching. Although the… » read more

Friends of Europe’s annual energy summit (held on 30 October) saw tough exchanges between CCS defenders and the renewable energy sector but kept dodging the real question: can we solve the climate/energy crisis without questioning our economic growth and development paradigm? Energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs, as expected, defended his commission resolve not to “deviate” from… » read more

Stop blaming the bankers

In times of crisis, people always need scapegoats in order to avoid having to look at one’s own responsibilities and this financial crisis is no different. But blaming bankers is a bit too easy when one looks at this crisis from a systemic and sustainability point of view. We have all enjoyed living beyond our… » read more

One of the tragedies of our times is that countries which are lifting themselves out of poverty are doing this by making exactly the same mistakes Western economies made in the past. For all the talk in political circles of our current development not being sustainable, nobody really seems to give a shit. Like lemmings… » read more

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