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      The Middle East has become a horrible burning ground, but the European Union remains fixated on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, and an imagined “Middle East Peace Process” (MEPP). In European foreign ministries, the mythologies of the 1970s remain unchallenged, perhaps because dealing with the real threats to Europe from… » read more

  In July 2015, amid great fanfare, including a media blitz and later a press-conference in Jerusalem, Amnesty International and the UK-based Forensic Architecture project launched their “Gaza Platform.” The stated objective was to shed “new light on violations of international law committed” in last summer’s bitter war. This pseudo-scientific exercise repeated Amnesty’s standard political… » read more

Once again, the self-appointed great and good of Europe claim to have a magic solution to the infinitely complex conflict between Palestinians and Israel. Under the ambitious (and misleading) heading of “a new EU approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, this group is calling on Frederica Mogherini to adopt their opinions. Far from being a peace proposal or to a “new approach”,… » read more

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