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The United States may have slashed NASA’s budget for manned spaceflight but space exploration is still important to our daily lives – in telecommunication and television, weather forecasting and even global finance. At the 1st EU-ESA International Conference (October 2009) Commissioner Verheugen defined European space exploration as a booster for innovation and as a catalyst… » read more

Joint Programming involves Member States engaging voluntarily in the definition, development and implementation of common strategic research agendas. It may involve strategic collaboration between existing national programmes or jointly planning and setting up entirely new ones. In both cases, it entails putting resources together, selecting or developing the most appropriate instrument(s), implementing, and collectively monitoring… » read more

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the new Commissioner responsible for research, innovation and science, was not prominently mentioned in the media reports on the European Parliament hearings (except perhaps in her home country Ireland). However, she did leave a positive “can do” impression and did not face any difficulties in passing the European Parliament’s assessment of the Barroso… » read more

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