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There will always be anti-war protesters. Yet, as long as objectives are clear and backed by UN, masses will buy in. And that is precisely the issue with this new war. During weeks, the international community was slow to move on a common position. Suddenly, all wrapped up in hours, from resolution to first strikes.… » read more

While EU media and EU actors are still congratulating Belgium for a successful presidency, Brussels reminds everybody EU president does not presides anything; it is just an honorific title. Indeed, with no government since half a year, Belgium took no initiatives, hence a smooth and model presidency… We know how it works. Brussels represents citizens… » read more

Since the crisis this week-end, the split of Belgium received further credits and some in Wallonia are effectively elaborating on their future without Flanders. The wheel of fortune turns. Now, Flanders appears to be afraid… Read background on Belgian politics for dummies… and EU-afficionados According to a recent survey by Dedicated Research, Flanders is afraid… » read more

The environment problem caused by cities may include some environment solutions for the planet. For example, BedZED in Greater London represents a successful environmentally-friendly district although it failed on the socio-economic principles. (See Cities, problem or solution to the environment crisis? 1/2) There is an area in Malmo which economical, social and ecological transformations have been… » read more

Looking at Russia, Pakistan or China this summer, we can bet environment will come back on people radars and political agendas. Let’s face it: no viable and timely global solution exist for current population and CO2 emissions. But as population growth is part of the risk, I am curious how Europe is positioned to building… » read more

We can’t stand regions

Local politics aside, by electing the abstention at an absolute majority, 25 millions French citizens told us yesterday they can’t stand regions. In the 70’s, regions were created around the continent to be the next level of power. Together with the European Union, these steps would be closer to people and more dynamic in the… » read more

Tout le monde sait comment les Etats-Unis ont battu l’URSS, comment ils ont remporté la Guerre Froide. La réponse s’appelle Star Wars, et je ne parle pas uniquement de l’épopée cinématographique. Le quarantième président, une des personnalités préférées outre-Atlantique, Ronald Reagan a relancé la course à l’armement et étouffé financièrement ledit “Empire du Mal”. Bien… » read more

No more papal conclaves. Europeans need a European Presidential Election night. The question is major and burning. A compromise-style designation naturally leads to a chairman-type president, a facilitator.  That structure exists elsewhere; see the Secretariat for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Its mandate is clear: provide administrative assistance to the Commission (Article 2002.3). Let… » read more

Thèbes, Athènes, Rome, Paris, Londres, New York… et après ? Cette spirale simplifiée de super-puissances mondiales naît autour de la Méditerranée puis évolue vers l’Atlantique. De la philosophie de Socrates à la fin de la guerre froide, l’Europe s’est trouvée au centre de toutes les convoitises pendant des millénaires. Ces débats d’idées, on le sait, sont… » read more

They have not yet taken office – nor even been nominated, yet the new Commissioners have already face a list of demands from some of the European Union’s leading thinkers. The Bruegel Report issues memos to the new Commission and makes interesting read…

While Westminster is still to be roused from its long summer slumber, the European Parliament is back at work. New (and returning) MEPs hit the ground running after the Euro elections in June. Already, new political groups have been formed, senior post…

The Editor in Chief of the Bulgarian web-site, Ognyan Boyadzhiev, was beaten up badly in his apartment in Sofia’s Ivan Vazov quarter. The 34-year-old man has been taken to Military Hospital in the capital, Darik radio reported. His condition is stable, and there is no threat for his life. is a project of… » read more

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