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In the very beginning Tsipras was perceived as an unknown new political force in Europe. In Greece he was considered to be a “leftist parenthesis”. The extreme behaviors noticed during the Greek crisis resulted in clashes between EU partners. At the same time, though, some events stigmatized the “New Europe”.   Many thought that Athens… » read more

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For months now intense rumors are being circulated in Athens that the current Greek Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, is intending to quit from the European Commission and run for the Presidency of Greece. The Greek Commissioner was proposed by centre-right New Democracy which was recently defeated by leftist Syriza in Greek elections. Nevertheless many claim that he has […]

Greek politicians bickered yesterday (13 November) over the latest statement of the former US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, who said that Europeans wanted to “smash” Greece to make it pay for its mistakes. In a meeting with EU officials in July 2012 (G7), Geithner said that Europeans had a hostile attitude toward Athens and wanted […]

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