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There is an obvious lack of trust in the European plan, the one that was built under difficult and sometimes unravelling circumstances in the aftermath of World War II. It seems that suddenly some scholars and European citizens realized that European Integration cannot get accomplished and that the European establishment is not as strong and […]

It was one of the fundamental topics of the last two summits in Brussels in an effort to provide a more direct and efficient solution to the recapitlization of banking institutions of overdebted states. But is this a realistic solution for Eurozone in order to address financial instability and pressure from global markets and keep […]

The recent diplomatic escalation between Turkey and Syria with reference to the fall of a Turkish aircraft hit by Syrian forces seems to be more important than it first looked like. Turkey’s relatively calm post-reaction is what really corresponds to the country’s strategic profile or a meticulously examined case scenario with deeper implications? It is widely […]

The recent statement of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico that his country “is losing patience” paying overdebted Eurozone member-states is something that stirs up pondering. It is not only Slovakia that questions bail-out plans and its contribution to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), but a number of medium-size or small-size countries that retrieve commitments […]

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