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Dropping the ballast

European Union is not sailing the waves of multiple crises particularly well. It is still floating, but just barely, patching things up and dropping the ballast. Last year, when the existence of Eurozone was (again) in question, Greece was ritually sacrificed. It´s new government had to swallow a bitter – and largely counter-productive – medicine,… » read more

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In Central Europe, and Slovakia in particular, the current refugee crisis reveals an awful lot about the prevailing public mind-set and the nature of our political elites. Few of these revelations are in any way pleasing. Positions held, and openly articulated, by politicians like Prime Ministers Robert Fico (Slovakia) and Viktor Orban (Hungary) shocked many… » read more

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Mein Land

Full opening of labour markets for citizens from Romania and Bulgaria stirred again a discussion on merits of migration. That could have been expected – similar thing happened in 2004 and 2007 when CEE countries entered the EU, and around May 2011, w…

European nationalists are uniting – however paradoxical that might seem, they are building a coalition to crush the “Brussels monster”. The alliance created by French National Front and Dutch Party for Freedom wants to grab powers back from Bruss…

Moral of Dzurinda´s story

„Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s chances of winning a June 12 general election rose on Monday when his main rival, center-right ex-premier Mikulas Dzurinda, pulled out over accusations of money laundering“, writes Reuters, and repeats Financial Times, and couple of others. In fact that might not be the case. Not that Mr Fico would… » read more

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