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The PES election campaign is OFFICIALLY underway! Last Friday, in the Halle aux Grains in Toulouse, the PES launched its electoral campaign in spectacular fashion. Amongst those present there were PES party leaders, heads-of-list, MEPs and candidates from across Europe, including Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Martine Aubry, Zita Gurmai, Martin Schulz, George Papandreou, Juan Fernando López… » read more

The March release of PES report is online! This month the main focus is on gender equality, with two clips about the Women in politics conference hosted by the Socialist Group in the European Parliament and on the first European Day of Action – Championing Gender Equality. Moreover you can find more on the latest… » read more

Wednesday 4th March, 17:00, the European Parliament. The PES Group in the EP are about to hold an evening roundtable discussion on gender equality to mark International Women’s Day. The event features an impressive panel of progressive European politicians and women’s rights campaigners, including PES Women President Zita Gurmai. The guest of honour is the… » read more

Just days after the PES pressed the alarm button about Czech Presidency threats to EU childcare targets, socialists from all over Europe have shown that they care deeply for child care. Anna Diamantopoulou, Greek Socialist spokesperson on Education and former European Commissioner for Social Affairs, said “There can be no discussion on childcare targets, other… » read more

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen writes The PES – and more recently also the European Parliament – has made a clear demand for new regulation to cover all financial players including hedge funds. In response the European Commission has launched a ‘consultation’ on regulation for hedge funds. It is not what we asked for but it is… » read more

Obama + 6, Monday 10th, evening “Are we at the end? Is it over?”. I am asking the most capable people in the supervisory institutions. I am of course talking about the financial crisis. One such looked at me and answered; “no it is not over, may be we are half way”. And then he […]

Meet Rikke, Victor and Aleksander during the PES activists BLOGFEST! For the next two weeks and until the 6 July, they will publish articles and comments on Youspace on some of the contributions delivered and several other themes they are keen to write about, such as the new social problems in Eastern Europe or gender… » read more

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