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Just as for curiosity, I checked the level of indexation on of, the official web portal of the European Union. Yep, I took this bad habit being a multilingual SEO consultant based in Brussels. The fact that I also worked at th…

A nice video parodying Google’s policy regarding its views on privacy. The video is starring Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. As a background information, remember that when he was asked during an interview for on CNBC’s about whether Internet users should be concerned about sharing information with Google Inc., Eric Schmidt responded, “If you… » read more

Are you looking for SMM (Social Media Marketing) services? Don’t waste your time anymore ask Heishman Flillard for a pitch! Founded in 1967 by Hervé Flillard and Ronaldo Heishman, Heishman Flillard is “a strategic global independent marketing communications & public relations agency that is broadly considered the most strategic, powerful and award winning tradigital force… » read more

Some EU bloggers, from time to time, tend to promote the use of Web 2.0 tools – social media – to develop a so-called European online public space. Actually, they are easily recognizable for using that kind of expressions which I extracted directly from the Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator: “post semantic weblogs” “engage A-list mashups”… » read more

Today, Friday 28 May 28, I participated at a TechTalk organized by Google Belgium featuring Matt Cutts. I must confess that I was very excited. And I was not the only one. Stuart –  the current Director, as well as other Brussels’ SEO, both from the private sector and from the public sector (e.g.… » read more

Doing SEO in Brussels, in the small world of European affairs, I have always been wondering if European actors really understand the importance of developing a strong visibility on the Internet. And, as far as I am concerned, a well-thought eMarketing strategy is a real guarantee of presence, visibility and influence on key issues. However, European… » read more

Have you ever wondered what it feels to work at the European Commission in the field of communication? Informing EU citizens about the European Commission’s initiatives activities and keeping abreast of public opinion in Europe are the twofold mission of DG COM. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

The following briefing note has been prepared by Willy De Backer, journalist, at the 2009 European Business Summit. The summit – titled Dare and Care – will be held on 26th and 27th March 2009. Please feel free to comment before and after the session about the topic below. Stuart Langridge Director of 1.… » read more

What makes the ruling specially interesting in my region is that the Central European legal systems are very much similar to the German, often based on a shared legal history or simply modeling the strongest country in the neighborhood.

Behind Closed Doors

This week, Wang Qing of China Youth Daily has publicly asked the Chinese government to provide details regarding its economic recovery plan. The Chinese recovery plan, adopted in November last year, has a total value of 4.000 billion yuan or around 455 billion euros. According to official press releases, railways, airports and freeways would be… » read more

If France was known, until recently, as “the country of the permanent revolution”, Turkey could very well end up as “the country of permanent coups d’état”. The Turkish Constitutional Court has recently admitted a request to verify the constitutionality of a measure aproved by the Erdogan government, concerning the freedom of female students to wear… » read more

I am really wondering about the logic and rationality of European Commission’s decision to invite Mozilla as the „third part“ in the antitrust case against Microsoft. CNET News informs: „Mozilla has been granted a seat at the table in the European Commission’s antitrust case against Microsoft, an EC source said Tuesday.“ My question is: Why,… » read more

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