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Last week representatives from the EU, the G20 and Least Developed Countries, the World Bank and industry came together at a high level panel event organised by Oxfam in collaboration with the Mission of Norway to the EU to discuss how to raise the $100 billion pledged by rich countries at Copenhagen to help poor […]

Originally publishd in Euro EE Está claro que lo que sucede en el Cuerno de África se podría haber evitado. Europa tiene mucho que decir y hacer. La fuerte sequía que azota la región es el detonante de la tragedia, aunque en el fondo, la raíz del problema no es solamente climática. La hambruna que […]

Before a packed room of ambassadors from developing countries, diplomats, European Commission officials and NGO representatives, an interesting high level panel on the benefits and pitfalls of budget support aid took place in Brussels on 13 July. The event, organised by Oxfam and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), took place at an opportune time when […]

The United Nations has just officially declared two parts of Somalia to be in famine, amid the worst drought in east Africa for 60 years. Malnutrition rates in the Dolo Ado camps for Somali refugees in Ethiopia have been recorded more than four times the level considered an emergency, and in some areas between 60-90 […]

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