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The European Refugee Crisis

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom opting to leave the European Union, one fundamental concern on the European plateau has been the constant ballooning refugee crisis. The crisis has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks, which happened because European citizens who had carried out the attacks could travel from one European country to another.… » read more

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The European Union is acting as a great source of poverty at the moment. The period from 2008-2013 has seen an unprecedented increase in unemployment levels, that a monetary union could not solve. Spending cuts, a growing divide inbetween how the young and the old approach society, social security troubles, are all different for each… » read more

Self-employment hasn’t managed to successfully lure away a great share of the unemployed population for only somewhere around 14percent of European workers choose this job option. The figures vary however, as you head further into Eastern Europe, whose workforce have possibly been spurred on by dire poverty and war-ravaged locales to go out and make […]

Shinzo Abe’s Nationalism

Japanese nationalism was first introduced at the end of the 19th century. During the Meiji period, industrialisation, centralisation, mass education and military conscription resulted in a shift in popular allegiances. The Emperor saw through the transition, where devotion to the state took the place of feudal loyalties. Nationalism of this time comprised a mix of […]

The textile industry in Bangladesh has been a source of income for the poor for many years now, forming a part its fast growing economy. Textile exports continue to be the primary foreign exchange earnings resource, for this $19 billion-a-year industry employing somewhere around 4mn people, many of which are women. The apparel export industry […]

One of the most anticipated tournaments in sports is the World Cup. Held every four years, this tournament brings together people of all races, nationalities and personal sports team favourites, like nothing else does. For 2014, Brazil was chosen to play host country for the Cup, and for the next one month there will be […]

Where do you think the generation of young women that came out in throngs during the baby boomers era, voicing their support for working women have gone? Bill Clinton was the most popular President to ever come out of that generation and as far as the Cinderella story for employment goes for women of the […]

The Cuba Car Revolution

The 1959 revolution in Cuba is fondly remembered for many reasons, and one of those reasons was what many never thought it would be until recently: the revolution in cars! Foreign-made cars went on sale in the country only recently, and with labels of sky-high prices attached to them. For example, a Peugeot 508 is… » read more

The United Nations recently released a report highlighting the systematic human rights abuses that regularly take place in North Korea. The controversial report states that murder, slavery, torture, starvation and executions routinely take place in the country, and has been termed by the authoritarian regime as a “political plot and nothing more than creating room […]

BBC Children in Need

Last night BBC One (and BBC Two) hosted the charity appeal night for BBC Children in Need. The show kicked off at the Old Vic pub, with some special cast members off Eastenders, boyband supergroup, McFly and their new partner in crime, Busted. A mini pub quiz ensued, with the prize being a titanic golden Shane Richie hamper. […]

Japan’s Trade Deficit

Japan’s trade deficit nearly doubled in July, owing to flowing energy imports and a weaker yen which has made imported goods a lot more expensive than usual. Imports have increased substantially to a 19.6 percent, outpacing a 12.2 percent rise in exports and shifting the trade deficit from ¥944bn in June to the ¥1.02tn of July. This is […]

Senior Liberal Democrats are calling for the sacking of David Cameron’s election strategist, Lynton Crosby, over his links with the tobacco industry. The latest row over the role big money plays in politics in Downing Street follows the government’s decision to shelve plans to introduce plain packaging on cigarettes, which prompted furious reactions from the […]

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