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In a truly bizarre display, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who holds the rotating EU presidency, yesterday compared the institution to the Soviet Union. Constant Brand for AP: Klaus is known for deep skepticism of the EU and has refused to fly the EU flag over his official seat in Prague during the Czech presidency, saying… » read more

General John Craddock, head of NATO forces, announced Sunday that attacks on drug lords and labs in Afghanistan will begin within the “next several days.” Lolita Baldor reports for AP: NATO defense ministers, during a meeting last fall in Hungary, authorized troops in Afghanistan to launch the drug attacks, but there had been questions about… » read more

In an International Herald Tribune column asking “Is Europe’s welfare system a model for the 21st century?” Katrin Bennhold contends that, as the world’s economic elite gather in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum, there is decidedly less Europe-bashing than in years past. After the global financial shake-out of the past  year, she wonders,… » read more

Russia has “suspended” plans to deploy Iskander missiles in its European enclave of Kaliningrad.  Unveiled inNovember, the plans were intended to be a response to the U.S. missile defense installations scheduled to be built in the Czech Republic and Poland.  A Russian military official said the announcement is related to indications from the U.S. that… » read more

Last week, President Obama signed an order that would close the controversial prison facility at Guantanamo within a year. Now, EU leaders are meeting to formally consider their previous offer to help. European Union foreign ministers are forging a plan for taking in dozens of Guantanamo Bay inmates who will have no safe home upon… » read more

Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, told an Atlantic Council audience earlier today that the global financial crisis has  “re-emphasized the centrality of the U.S. dollar as a currency” and demonstrated once again that “when things go really badly lots of people want go to the U.S. even if U.S. is… » read more

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