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Written by: Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj With only 18 years on board the EVS Large scale “Let’s Play Handball – Sport Reporting”, Sofia Arthurs- Schoppe makes the youngest journalist who participates in the ongoing Mladiinfo program taking place in Struga and Skopje, Macedonia. In the article bellow see her short reportage from Struga for… » read more

Written by: Zrinka Šajn (Croatia), Bora Eseroğlu (Turkey), Mesut Urcan (Turkey), Arda Tüzüner (Turkey), Nicolò Donati (Italy) , Sofia Peresani (Italy), Hazal Korkut (Turkey) and Ayça Şahin (Turkey)  Edited by: Ana Alibegova / Stefan Alijevikj The cozy town in Slovenian Istria – Piran is certainly a place worth to visit. Not only it is famous among Slovenian and foreign tourists… » read more

Article by: Gosia Krakowska (Poland) Picture credits: Gosia Krakowska ”How did you do it?”, my befriended law professor asked me. ”Did what?” “Did not give up on this (law studies) after so many years.” You Are Studying Abroad? Then Hammer it! To make the story short: I arrived in the Netherlands in 2005, alone, from… » read more

Article by: Lisa Stewart As with the many other Internet-related words that we’ve acquired in recent years – blog, tweet, to Google – there is another word, webinar, which has also come into common usage. As its name suggests, a webinar is a seminar, or other live-stream educational or professional event, which one can participate… » read more

Article by: Jessica Davidson Peace Corps Volunteer, Mladiinfo International team With a non-phonetic alphabet, English is especially difficult  “Dzees ees Engleesh, ow come you don’t undergrstand me?” – the frustrated cry of a Frenchman to an American. Ok… Ok. As a fellow learner of foreign languages, I get it. Learning a second, third, fourth+ language… » read more

Article by: Zvijezdana Marković Just two months ago I was doing the application to become part of the Young Journalists and Writers (known as YJAW), an attractive online web platform of writers, journalists and enthusiastic people who were all there with the same passion: writing and sharing their ideas with their peers from all over the… » read more

photo credits: Archive of Students’ Plenum Article by: Stefan Alijevikj / Mladiinfo International’s team Edited by: Ana Alibegova / Mladiinfo International’s team New educational reforms encompassing external state-supervised exams that have to be taken by all students before they complete their studies moved the academic community in Macedonia at the end of 2014. As the… » read more

Article by: Alžbetka Hudakova Photos: private archive Edited by: Ana Alibegova From a girls’ club promoting au pair, the Club International from Stuttgart, Germany has gradually become an international place and a meeting point for young adults from all over the world. Now the center aims to end the multicultural barriers and is open to… » read more

Written by: Arancha Redondo Edited by: Ana AlibegovaThe enthusiastic 19-year old Stanislav Slavev from Bulgaria is part of a team who have created a revolutionary device. BLITAB is the name of their product, a special tablet computer that will help blind and visually impaired people worldwide to benefit from the newest technologies be part of… » read more

Lidija at European Interns’ Day in Brussels Interview done by Lenka Curillova Edited by: Stefan Alijevikj and Ana Alibegova Born in Germany to Slovenian partners, Lidija Globokar grew up bilingually and “biculturally”. She guesses that this has influenced her choices of studies as she is BA in Languages and Business and MA in Communication and […]

Glimpse of Commencement Ceremony European University (EU) is a private multi-campus university with facilities in Barcelona in Spain; Geneva and Montreux in Switzerland; and Munich in Germany. Since 1973, EU has been a leader in offering international business courses and with all subjects taught in English, students from around the world chose EU for their […]

Author: Jana Balusikova Edited by: Ana Alibegova, Stefan Alijevikj “I regret not the things I’ve done, but those I did not do”, said the American actor Rory Cochrane. Namely, this quote inspired young Jana Balusikova from Slovakia to write down her thoughts and to share her experience with all of you who are doubtful to […]

Article by: Maja Richtermoc, Dejan Zonjić, Nemanja Atanasijević, Valerie Schreurs, Miguel Chamorro Franco Picture credits: Dejan Zonjić In the center of the Macedonian capital, sharing a building with the Macedonian Helsinki Committee of Human Rights, LGBT Center Skopje found its place under the sun. There, under video surveillance due to many attacks to the center itself, a […]

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