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Since the latest debacle of the manufactured debt crisis, once again there has been increased “talk” about the role of government in relation to the people. Increasingly, there have been increased disdain on the part of the extreme right for the involvement of government in the lives of the average person. Almost a nostalgic desire […]

This Semester, I began a new experiment in the use of digital technology in the classroom. At the beginning of this class, I decided that students would open a Google Docs account. I stressed the point that if they already had a Gmail account they might consider having a separate account just for class. Why […] Boehner had made a fateful decision. This vote illustrates only one thing. That he is attempting to shore up his waning Republican base. After all, that is the goal of most Representatives. However, there are issues that can be used for political points and then there is grand standing. Boehner has decided not to… » read more

ABC News Clip about the Controversy Well the beat continues, as the Texas State Board of Education continues to rewrite the school curriculum for the nation. Again, as I have stated in the past, academics need to watch this continuing saga and be prepared to boycott the publisher(s) of these standards.  In the name of… » read more

Current List of Texas Approved Publishers This link will take people to the current list of social study publishers for Texas. These publishers are NOT as of yet part of the new standards but one can imaging the implications here. What a surprise???? For Grades 1-12 the Social Studies and History Texts are from the… » read more

Calling all college history professors and instructors. It is time to use our clout as history professors to make a statement. According to the New York Times article the Texas Board of Education is making significant changes to the history curriculum for high schools students. We need to come to the aid of Mary Helen… » read more

Hello world! In an effort to be more inclusive and in touch with my western colleagues, I am starting this academic post to discuss history in the modern world.  The goal is to act as an exchange of information on how to present history in the digital format and to discuss issues that historians confront… » read more

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